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Peter Deacon R.C.A.

Peter Deacon has been associated with the U. of C. Department of Art since 1975, as an art instructor, professor and advisor.

Deacon was born in 1945 on the Isle of Wight, England. He attended Portsmouth College
of Art, England, where he received a Dip. A.D. (B.F.A.), University of Wales, Cardiff where he
received a A.D.T. (Art Teacher's Diploma), and he attained his H.D.F.A.London (M.F.A.) from
the Slade School of Art in 1970. He was the recipient of numerous English scholarships and
awards. He was awarded the Abby Major Scholarship in Painting and, consequently, became the
resident painter at the British School at Rome in 1970-72. He received a Fellowship in Fine Art,
(Artist in Residence) at Nottingham University in 1973-1975. He was an art instructor and
lecturer in numerous institutions throughout England. His interest in North America brought him
to Calgary.









Illustration: 8857 Letters From Banff, 1988

Peter Deacon is interested in Japanese and Chinese cultures and painting. He has studied
with the Chinese artist, Chin Shek Lam. Many of his more recent works contain some Chinese element. The four digit number, which follows the title of many of his works, refers to a specific Chinese year. Deacon's works abound with multiple metaphors of location, place, yin and yang.

Peter Deacon was a visiting artist at Queen's University, Kingston in 1983. He has been
an Artist in Residence at the Gushul Studio in Blairmore, and several times at the Leighton Artist Colony and Foundation. He has received Canada Council Grants, an Alberta Culture Grant and an Alberta Foundation For the Arts Grant.

Peter Deacon's art works continue to be shown in galleries throughout Canada. They
are in many Corporate, Institution and Museum collections in Canada, England and the U.S.A
They are in private collections in these countries and also in West Germany, Italy, the Czech
Republic and Japan. His art work is represented in the Canada Council Art Bank and the Alberta
Foundation For the Arts.