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Steve Heimbecker

STEVE HEIMBECKER is an interdisciplinary artist and educator specialising in audio art, electro-acoustics, installation, and sculpture. He studied fine art at the ALBERTA COLLEGE OF ART in the late 1970's. Since the late 1980's Heimbecker has received for his sound compositions and installations, numerous national and provincial arts grants awards and artist residencies. His sculptures, installations, and paintings are represented in several public collections in Alberta.

In 1990 he began creating multi-disciplinary sound installations that physically and conceptually challenge our relationship with space and time or what he now calls the 'soundpool'. "DENSITY #2 - ARIEL HARP" - The New Gallery (1990), "THE ACOUSTIC LINE AS THE CROW LISTENS"- The Tuning of the World Exhibition - Nickle Arts Museum (1993), "METAPHENOPHONE"- The End of Modernity - Glenbow Museum (1994) - Picturing Time - Edmonton Art Gallery (1996), "SOUNDPOOL: THE MANUFACTURING OF SILENCE" - The Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, (1996) / The Works Visual Arts Festival, Edmonton, (1996) / lÕAssiociation de creation et diffusion sonores Avatar, Qu*bec City, (1996), and his "ACOUSTIC MAPPING PROPOSITIONS" (ongoing since 1993) are examples of these installations.

Heimbecker has also created very whimsical dadaist installations and sculptures such as "THE KAKAPHONIA" (1998), "THE FORUM FOR THE ALIENATION OF ART" (1995), "THE ACOUSTIC FIELD INTENSIFIER" (1994), "HOME SECURITY"(1993), "COFFEE GRINDER" (1992), and "MONO OTTO: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" (1988). From 1985 - 93 he led several Calgary art bands including THE BEAT APOSTLES & THE EDIBLE PUMPKIN.

Since 1992 on multi - channel sound systems of his own design, he has created live and prepared tape mixing techniques for quadraphonics and octaphonics he calls 'SOUND ACTION PERFORMANCE' and has worked with techniques such as 'SOUND SAILING' and "ACOUSTIC MAPPING" for his compositions and improvisations. In 1995 he toured IMPROVISATIONS IN OCTAPHONICS, seven concerts in six Canadian cities from Quebec City to Calgary. He has performed and presented his work in many national and international arts festivals including: SOUNDESCAPE (1987 - Toronto), ALLIANCE SHOWCASE (1989 - Halifax), FEEDBACK AND FORTH (1991 - Zurich and Vienna), THE ART RODEO (1993 - Calgary), TUNING OF THE WORLD (1993 - Banff), PERF 94 (1994 - Winnipeg), SOUND SYMPOSIUM 7 (1994 - St. JohnÕs), RADIO UNBOUND: HUMAN TRANSISTORS 2 (1995 - Edmonton), DEUXIEME MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE (1995 - Montreal), BODIES AND TECHNOLOGY (1996 - Edmonton), THE WORKS (1990/96/97 - Edmonton), THE INTERFACE (1998 - Edmonton) and SEND & RECEIVE (1998 - Winnipeg). In 1989 he co-produced ALL AUDIO II with EM/Media, a compilation cassette and exhibition commissioning ten Calgary artists to create new audio art.

In recent years, Heimbecker has been collaborating with Ken Gregory (Winnipeg) and Shawn Pinchbeck (Edmonton) to create quadraphonic, improvisational, electro-acoustic concerts of substantial scale and effect. THE AUDILES (1995 - The New Gallery,Calgary), FROM OUR HOME TO YOU (1998 - Em/media & ACAD, Calgary), and SEND + RECEIVE FESTIVAL OF SOUND ( U. of Winnipeg & Video Pool, Winnipeg) are examples of such concerts.

Heimbecker has led sound recording and editing workshops in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In 1997 he founded Alberta's only Audio Art Apprenticeship Program operated through his own studio, Qube Assemblage Audio (1987). In the summer of 1999 this program will be established again, as a retreat & residency, from his new studio in Springwater, Saskatchewan (120km. west of Saskatoon). Qube Assemblage Audio is an analogue and digital audio editing facility for both pre and post production in experimental audio, music, film and video sync soundtrack design.

In June of 1999, a double CD Anthology of HeimbeckerÕs multi channel sound works since 1992 called "THE ENORMOUSLESSNESS OF CLOUD MACHINES" will be internationally released through Avatar / Ohm Editions in Qu*bec City, distributed on DAME, Montreal.. He is a member of EM/MEDIA Production Society, Calgary, BOREAL ELECTRO ACOUSTIC MUSIC SOCIETY, Edmonton, LÕASSIOCIATION DE CREATION ET DIFFUSION SONORES AVATAR, Quebec City, and a founding member of both the WORLD FORUM FOR ACOUSTIC ECOLOGY, and the CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SOUND ECOLOGY.


Illustration: Nirvana, 1989