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David Janzen

(Canadian, b. 1959)

"The introduction of man-made structures to the scenery seems less natural to me now. . .the eye searches for order, turns skyward, and there, too, finds evidence of habitation."1

David Janzen was born in Toronto, Ontario, but spent his childhood in Edmonton, Alberta. Janzen is a landscape painter, whose works have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Alberta and British Columbia. As well, his works are represented in public and corporate collections. Janzen's subject matter deals with the landscape, but his pieces are painted from unique perspectives. For example, some of his works include ". . .twisted vistas, upwards to the radio towers, lamps and hydro wires disconnected from their horizon, or downwards, aerial views of the urban sprawl of individual residences connected by poles and wires and circles of light."2
Janzen's work is not a commentary on the encroachment on nature, but are meant to bear a silent witness to technology. Janzen explains his work by stating, "This focus on our imposition on the land- our poking into the atmosphere- is an effort to know it to seek meaning in it, and recognize its wonder."3

Illustration: Slope

1979-83 Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta.

Recent Exhibitions:
1999 Blue, The Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Alberta.

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