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William Laing

(Born1944, Glasgow, Scotland, )

"Bill Laing's work is a journey- a journey on many levels. The physical journey from his native Scotland to Canada paralleled by the emotional journey from childhood to adulthood."1

Bill Laing came to Canada in 1963, and has been considered one of Canada's leading contemporary printmakers. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, and has exhibited internationally since the early 1970's. Laing's education includes the Vancouver School of Art, the Brighton Polytechnic, and the Royal College of Art. His ". . .formative years of professional art training corresponded to the end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies, an era of Pop Art, Pop culture, Minimalism and Fluxus, a time in which the camera and guitar were still artistic instruments of choice."2

He is currently a professor of printmaking at the University of Calgary."Since moving to Alberta in 1974, William (Bill) Laing has devoted himself to teaching as well as to his art. From 1974 to 1977, Laing was an instructor in Printmaking, Photography and Design at the Alberta College of Art. In 1977, he became a faculty member at the University of Calgary. . .Laing's dedication to his profession and his ability to encourage and inspire his students gained him the University of Calgary's Student Union Teaching Excellence Award in 1992/93. . ."3


Illustration: Hat, 1993.


1967-71 Diploma in Photography and Printmaking with Honours, Vancouver School of Art, Vancouver, B.C.
1971-72 Certificate as part of Specialist Printmakers Course with Distinction, Brighton Polytechnic, Brighton, England.
1972-74 M.F.A., Royal College of Art, London, England.
1974 Teacher Training, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Alberta.


Recent Exhibitions:
1998 Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition, The Nickle Arts Museum, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
1997 New Works, Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, Alberta.
1996 A Visual Interlude, The Triangle Gallery.

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