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Herbert Siebner

(Born: 1925, Germany)

"As I look back over my work, I like the ones best where I never found out why I did them"1

Herbert Siebner was born in Stettin, Germany, but he immigrated to Canada in 1954. He is an artist who works in painting and printmaking. Siebner's works have been described as expressionist. His works have been shown internationally and nationally. In addition, his work is well represented in numerous gallery collections.
Siebner's images are dervied mainly from within his subconscious. "He is one of the very few painters in this country who have been and are, depicting the psychological expressive questions of thought and life."2 Siebner has ventured into surrealism and abstraction, but he is best known as a Limner. The Limners are a group of artists who are devoted to depicting the human figure.


Windows and Past and Future, 1957

"Siebner's purest abstraction, a strong, lyrical piece"
(Courtesy of the Nickle Arts Museum)


1937-41 Schiller-Realgymnasium, Stettin.
1941-43 Studied Art at the Atelier Max Richter, Stettin.
1946-49 Studied at the Berlin Academy with Professor Kaus and Professor Schumacher.

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