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Collections at the Nickle


Aside from its special shows, lectures, and exhibitions, the Nickle Arts Museum is known for it's diverse Art Collection representing over five hundred artists of national and international reputation and it's extensive Numismatic Collection, which are included in our virtual exhibit.

Our entire Art collection is now searchable on-line.

The Art Collection

Hat, by William Laing, 1993

The Nickle Arts Museum is responsible for a major art collection which focuses on art of the geographic area of Western Canada, but also extends to art of national and international importance. This includes works by artists of Northern Canada which can be seen in continuing/rotating displays on campus.

The art collection consists of over 3000 items, mostly works on paper, with a growing number of paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

The museum also manages a small African and Asian collection consisting of 19th and 20th century artifacts.

Objects from the collections are available for study for classes, individual scholars or others with an interest in the area. While some works of art can be seen on the University of Calgary campus in public spaces, the majority of the works in the collection are housed at The Nickle Arts Museum.

For more information on this collection, or access for study purposes, please call 220-7234, and ask for our registrar, Marlene Smith.

The Numismatics Collection

The Nickle Coin Collection is one of the most important collections in Canada. It was donated to The University of Calgary in 1980 by Carl O. Nickle, and has since been enlarged through subsequent gifts by The Nickle Family Foundation and others.
[5th Cent.BC Greek Tetradrachm pc.]
It is a teaching and research resource, providing for the interest and enjoyment of the community as a whole as well as the University.

The collection now consists of over 16,000 items, primarily ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, but also includes a smaller collection of "primitive" or token money, European coins, medals of the 18th and 19th century, and Canadian Paper money.

The collection is housed in The Nickle Arts Museum and there is a continuing display in the Numismatics Gallery on the main floor.

There are also facilities for study and books from our numismatics reference library can be made available through the University Library.

We have also begun to make some of our collection available on the Web. You can access these with the links below.

For more information on this collection, or access for study purposes, please call 220-7234, and ask for either Geraldine Russell or Lisa Tillotson.


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