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The Nickle Arts Museum Mission, Mandate, Vision and Strategic Objectives


Mission Statement, January 1995

The Nickle Arts Museum (the "Nickle") is a broadly focused educational organization forming an integral part of The University of Calgary (the "University"). Our purpose is to exhibit and study aesthetically or historically significant information, knowledge and artifacts, including but not limited to objects of art, numismatics and archaeology; to acquire art and numismatic materials; and to offer opportunities for university teaching and research in aesthetics, museology and related areas. It is our aim to stimulate open discussion and creativity, involving students, faculty and the general public in all aspects of the Nickle's work.


Mandate Statement, January 1995

Functions and Attributes of The Nickle Arts Museum

The Nickle plans educational and cultural exhibitions, and acquires art and numismatic collections. It is a venue for the public presentation of aesthetically significant information, artifacts and knowledge. The Nickle has the largest and most adaptable Canadian university exhibition space, a distinguished art collection and an important coin collection. It enjoys membership in the worldwide museum community.

The Nickle's strengths derive from: its commitment to serve the University community; historic associations with the Department of Art, the Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History, and the Department of Archaeology; and openness to association with all University faculties, departments, institutes and associated organizations.

The Nickle's operation depends upon its committed Board of Directors, highly qualified staff, and a dedicated corps of volunteers.

The Nickle Arts Museum will responsibly:

1. Capitalize on the stimulation and expertise derived from the University environment and the potential for contribution from all facets of the University community.

2. Maintain and develop significant collections that are of aesthetic, interpretative, and historic interest to both the University and the public communities.

3. Arrange and present historical or contemporary exhibitions of aesthetically significant information, knowledge and artifacts from within the University and from other agencies, museums and galleries.

4. Provide or facilitate the provision of scholarly interpretation to accompany exhibitions.

5. Be attuned to, responsive to and a valued component of the whole University community.

6. Cooperate with the Department of Art to support its academic programmes in Art Education, Art History, and Studio Art as well as continuing the historic relationship exemplified by the Bachelors of Fine Arts, Masters of Fine Arts and Faculty exhibitions.

7. Cooperate with the Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History to support its academic programmes, particularly through the use of the Numismatics collection.

8. Cooperate with the Department of Archaeology to support its academic programmes and exhibitions, and, in concert with it and other Faculties, support a programme in Museology.

9. Establish joint numismatic research and exhibition programmes with other institutions, such as those holding collections brought together by Carl Nickle during his lifetime, to ensure that the Nickle continues and develops as a centre of numismatic excellence.

10. Establish joint artistic research and exhibition programmes with other institutions, such as universities, colleges and public galleries, to ensure that the Nickle continues and develops as a centre of excellence in the visual arts.

11. Develop new and creative approaches to teaching and outreach, in cooperation with such Faculties as Education and Continuing Education, through joint programming within the University and with other disciplines and institutions.

12. Support graduate programmes and research.

13. Maintain the cataloging and safekeeping of all collections for which the Nickle is responsible.

14. Build support for the Nickle from the general public and the University community with formal assistance from the University's Development Office.


Vision Statement, December 1997

1. The Nickle Arts Museum is one of the University of Calgary's most distinguishing aspects and a partner in the University of Calgary's transformation.

2. We will become an academic teaching museum. Our programme, products and services will be geared to the provision of local, national and international interdisciplinary visual education. Our culture will be innovative, flexible and focused on educational experience. We will be proactive and welcoming. Staff will be educators, communicators, facilitators and visionaries. We will

3. Our funding will come from the University of Calgary, government grants, corporate and individual support and our own revenue generated.

4. Our focus will be on learners. We will support continuous learning and a wide range of undergraduate and graduate study and research

5. We will capitalize on our key, central location on the University campus, and be housed in a "state of the art" facility, supporting the new realities of learning, collecting, exhibitions, research, and student life.


Strategic Objectives, December 1997

1. Position The Nickle Arts Museum as an indispensable participant in the University of Calgary's transformation process.

2. Posit on The Nickle Arts Museum as a leader in national and international visual education.

3. Identify and pursue the most logical opportunities for partnerships within the University of Calgary first, on a priority basis, then extend this initiative to external partnerships.

4. Develop an education plan.

5. Develop marketing and funding strategies, both on campus and externally.

6. Develop the physical facilities to realize the vision.