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     - Fidelity Elite


Fidelity Élite: The Painter - The Photographer
A Dialogue of Silences.

Arthur Nishimura and Eric Cameron
May 17 - August 31, 2002
May 2 - June 27, 2003

The Process
Arthur Nishimura supplied three "Fidelity Elite" brand film holders containing exposed, but undeveloped, 4x5 transparency film. The content of these latent images was pre-determined by Arthur Nishimura alone: Eric Cameron was not aware of the content. The three film holders were then permanently installed on three specially designed stands.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, Eric Cameron removed each of the mounted film holders, one at a time, and applied alternating coats of pure white acrylic gesso and acrylic gesso greyed with the addition of a little black acrylic paint. He kept a record of each coat applied and changed his clothes from grey to white to correspond with the color of gesso which he was, at that moment, applying. During the painting process, Arthur Nishimura took photographs, at his discretion and kept the Polaroid prints in the gallery for later consideration.

At the end of each day, Arthur Nishimura made enlargements from the Polaroid negatives. The enlarged prints and the record of the day's work were then posted on the wall of the gallery.

The Product
When the exhibition closed, the "Thick Paintings" and stand, a full set of prints, and the comments of visitors were donated to The Nickle Arts Museum. On the termination of the project, Arthur Nishimura and Eric Cameron exchanged a complete set of prints and one of the remaining Thick Paintings. Eric Cameron will continue the third Thick Painting until reasons beyond his control (ultimately his mortality) cause him to cease.

View panoramas of the installation over time.
Panoramas require the QuickTime Plugin to view.

Acknowledgments This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of;

Arthur Nishimura and Eric Cameron wish to express their appreciation to Rick Calkins for designing and constructing the stands used to hold the film holders/Thick Paintings.


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