Norma Nielson's "other" Home Page

I have maintained a professional home page for several years now.  Unlike that page, this site is used to help keep myself organized about other activities of interest outside my professional life.  Of late that interest involves genealogical research on the Internet.  I have been working to learn the tricks and tips for only about seven months now, but suddenly it seems that several of my friends and acquaintances are expressing an interest in this area as well.  I decided that this page would be a good place to organize -- for their use as well as my own -- links to my most-often-visited links annotated with a few words of advice.

Finding Genealogical Information

The value of on-line search engines is growing every day. Here are some of the ones I use: In addition to sites that allow you to search raw data, several other tools organize data posted on-line by other researchers and help you find researchers whose interests overlap with yours: Not everything is on-line!  In conjunction with the Books We Own site on the Internet site, I volunteer to do lookups in several reference Books I Own.

Links of greatest interest to "Cousins"

I'm still looking for a central on-line location for quality information concerning the BEAVER surname.

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