ENCM 369: Computer Organization
Home Page for the 2020 Winter Term

Last modified: Tue Apr 21 11:26:21 MDT 2020

Welcome to the home page for Sections 01 and 02 of Computer Engineering 369 in Winter 2020 in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, part of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary.

Your course instructors will be Steve Norman and Norm Bartley from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Students in Section 03 of ENCM 369, which is part of the Integrated Learning Stream in Electrical Engineering, are welcome to browse this site, but should be aware that Section 03 will have a different course outline, and different assignments, tests, and exams.

NEW, Sunday evening, March 15: How this site will be used going forward

No new course announcements will be posted here. All future course announcements will posted on the D2L site for L01 and L02 of ENCM 369.

For now I plan to continue to use this site to post lab instructions, source code files needed for labs, lab solutions, old final exams and old final exam solutions. If that changes, there will be an announcement about it on D2L.

The first D2L announcements will be posted either later this evening or sometime on Monday March 16.

Final Exam Information

Here is an Index Page for Old Final Exams.

See D2L for information about dates, times, and format of the final exam.

Course Outline

UPDATE March 23: A revised course outline was posted today on D2L. The original course outline is also on D2L.

Midterm test information, updated March 13

There were supposed to be two midterm tests:

Midterm 2 is cancelled. The revised grading scheme for the course will be posted on D2L when it is ready.

(There will be no quizzes.)

Index Page for Old Midterms and Solutions

Advance Information about Midterm #1 — updated Feb 11 with a correction about which room you should go to if you are in Section 01.

Solutions for Midterm #1

New Mar 12: Advance Information about Midterm #2. Update March 13: You can read this document if you like but as noted above, the test is cancelled.

Lecture and tutorial information

Lab Assignments