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ENCM 369 Winter 2020 Information about Midterm #1

Author: Steve Norman


Date, time, and locations

The test is on Wed Feb 12, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.


CORRECTION FEB 11: Section 01 (MWF 11:00 AM with Steve Norman) will write in EDC 179 (not EDC 170!). Students who haven't been ot this room before are strongly encouraged to find out where it is before the evening of the midterm.

Section 02 (MWF 10:00 AM with Norm Bartley) will write in ICT 102.

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The test is closed-book—do not take any books or notes to your seat.

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As stated on the course outline, you may use any of the the following sanctioned Schulich School of Engineering calculators for the midterm and final examinations: Casio FX-260, Casio FX-300MS, TI-30XIIS.

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Test Topics

First, a general principle:

The test will focus mainly on topics that were heavily emphasized in lectures and labs. We are not going to make a lot of marks depend on topics that were given very little coverage in lectures and labs.

The test will cover all course material up to and including the lectures of Monday, February 10, with the following exceptions:

The number of marks associated with material from the lectures Monday, February 10 will be small, but definitely greater than zero, to give you some motivation to attend your lecture that day and stay up-to-date with course material.

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Midterm #1 Instruction Subset

For this year the Midterm #1 Instruction Subset will be defined as the following MIPS instructions ...

add, addi, sub, sll
slt, sltu, slti
sll, srl
lw, sw, lb, lbu, sb
beq, bne, j, jal, jr
or, ori, and, andi, nor, lui

... and these two pseudoinstructions ...

la, li

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Test Format

The test will have a similar format to that of Midterm #1 from 2013 to 2019. Questions will be of the following types:

You will write all of your answers on the question paper, in spaces provided for answers.

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Reference Material

You will be provided with one or two pages of reference material along with the question paper. This material will include:

The reference material page for the 2020 midterm is not ready yet, but it will be very similar to the reference material for 2019 Midterm #1, which you can find on this page full of old midterm papers and solutions.

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Suggestions for preparation

Here are suggestions for review:

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