Email List Instructions:

You can also check the Mailman Archives to see the messages already delivered to the list.

You will be able to ask questions whenever you can email, and you will also be able to get answers to the questions your classmates ask.  I will not include your name in messages I send to the whole list.  While it is possible to do so, this list should not be used for you to send messages!  I will send out messages about the questions I get asked via my email account:

It is best to subscribe with your IT account: <address>
Email from your IT account can then be forwarded to another account if you prefer.

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to the class email list:

Click here to go to the Mailman subscribing web page for Chem201L02-L.

IMPORTANT - if you want to be on the list, and nothing works - email me with your address!