Books on the amaNazarites and Zulu Religion

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H.L. Pretorius, Historiography and historical sources regarding African indigenous churches, Lewiston, Edwin Mellen Press, 1995

Books on Zulu Religion:

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amaNazarite Texts

Irving Hexham, ed., Hans-Jürgen Becken,and the Rt. Rev. Londaukosi iNsiKayakho Shembe, translators, with introductory essay by G.C. Oosthuizen, The Scriptures of the amaNazaretha of Ekuphakameni,Calgary, University of Calgary Press, 1994

Irving Hexham amd G.C. Ooshuizen, eds., translated by Hans-Jürgen Becken, The Story of Isaiah Shembe: History and Traditions Centered on Ekuphakameni and Mount Nhlangakazi,Lewiston, Edwin Mellen Press, 1996

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Irving Hexham amd G.C. Ooshuizen, eds., translated by Hans-Jürgen Becken, The Sun and the Moon: Oral Testimony and the Sacred History of the Ama-Nazarites Under the Leadership of Johannes Galilee Shembe and Amos Shembe, Lewiston, Edwin Mellen Press, in press.

Books and theses on Isaiah Shembe and the amaNazarites

Brown, Karen H., The Function of Dress and Ritual in the Zazareth Baptist Church of Isaiah Shembe, Bloomington, unpublished Ph.D. thesis, University of Indiana, 1995

Lwandle, Protus Sipho, Concepts of Christ in Afica as Reflected in the Shembe Church, Pretoria, unpublished Ph.D. thesis, UNISA, 1996

Muller, Carol, Nazarite Song, Dance, and Dreams: The Sacralization of Time, Space and the Female Body in South Africa, New York, unpublished Ph.D. thesis, New York University, 1994. [Dr. Muller is also working on a book on this topic and planning to publish a collection of Nazarite hymns]

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Roberts, Lindsay, Shembe: The Man and His Work, Durban, Unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Natal, 1935. [This book will be published in the Shembe series by the Edwin Mellen Press with editorial work by Robert Pappini].

Vilikazi, Absolom, with Mthethwa, Bongani, and Mpanza, Mthembeni, Shembe: The Revitalization of African Society, Johannesburg, Skotaville, 1986.



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