Academic Papers

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The following papers, all of which are protected by copyright, are to be found on this Web Site:

"The Growth of Conservative Evangelical Religion in Canada" by Irving Hexham

"What Really Happened in Uganda" Suicide or Murder?" by Irving Hexham

"Henry Callaway, Religion and Rationalism in 19th Century Mission History" by Irving Hexham

"Christianity in Central Southern Africa Prior to 1910" by Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe

"Towards a definition of Religion" by Fred Welbourn

"A Sacral Kingship in Buganda?" by Fred Welbourn

"An Empirical Approach to Ghosts" by Fred Welbourn

"What is Fundamentalism?" by J.I. Packer

"UFO Religion: Making Sense of the Heaven's Gate Suicides" by Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe

"A discussion of Witchcraft" by Steven Hayes

"Responses to the Hayes' Article" from Nurel-l

"Reflections on Reformed Epistemology" by Terence Penelhum

"Is Christian Socialism Possible" by Irivng Hexham

"Christianity and Call-Girls" by Irving Hexham

"Is Scientology a Religion" by Irving Hexham

"Selected Sayings of the Prophet Shembe"

"Is the Study of New Religions Important?" from Nurel-l