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empirical studies in the learning sciences


The "lessons learned" project ran for two and half years coming to an end in July 1999.  Mike Dobson, Janet McCracken & Bill Hunter supported learning technology integration projects with face-to-face professional development activities and with specially designed communication tools.  The project ran a range of empirical study techniques including learner needs assessments based on phenomenographic techniques, focus group techniques, impact and cost-benefit analyses and other qualitative approaches. We also helped develop survey instruments,  run usability-learnability studies, instructional development process validation and review studies and special purpose designs for particular innovative projects.  The pages in this site contain a record of our work on "lessons learned"  

The LEARN project has been designed to encourage and support evaluation of LEE (Learnin Enhancement Envelope) projects and document results of technology based innovations in teaching and learning. LEARN is sensitive to institutional needs and provides services to the faculty and staff of 26 post-secondary institutions in Alberta. It supports faculty and staff through evaluation training, direct help with evaluation with LEE project, motivating staff and faculty to evaluate their LEE projects and the building of cross institutional networking. Services offered by LEARN includes evaluation consultation, evaluation tools and techniques, workshops on evaluation topics, and print and web-based evaluation resources.We invite your participation in determining training topics, designing website evaluation modules, and designing LEE projects database.


Contacts for the LEARN team:

Kitty Chugh M.A.; M.E. Des.
Tel: (403) 220-2695
e-mail: kchugh@ucalgary.ca
Rick Jeune M.A.
Tel: (780) 492-6010
e-mail: rick.jeune@ualberta.ca