Executive Members


President of PSYCHS

Ashley Villeneuve

Major: BSc Psychology
Year: 3rd
Fav Class: Developmental Psychology
Fav Prof: Dr. Rosa Joudi Kadri
Field of Interest: Biological Psychology
Other Interests:House M.D, Friends, Dancing, Camping, Fiction novels, All music

VP Events

Ruth Diaz

Major: Bsc Psychology
Year: Third
Fav Class: Cognitive Development (451), Human Factors (425)
Fav Prof: Dr. Hala, Dr. Boyce
Field of Interest: Human Factors, Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience
Other Interests:Volunteering, Reading, Reflexology; Movies; Playing soccer with my son and my husband in my living room.

Events Commisioner
Linda Lieu

Major: Psychology Minor: Pure Math
Fav Class: Social Psychology (345)
Fav Prof: Melissa Boyce
Field of Interest:
Other Interests: Music, Youtube, and shopping.


VP Internal

Major: BA in Psychology; Minor: French
Year: 4th
Fav Class: Learning with Dr. Sainsbury
Fav Prof: Dr. Melissa Boyce
Field of Interest: Developmental, Social and Educational Psychology
Other Interests: I am interested in becoming an elementary school teacher and will be applying to the education program after my Ba in Psychology!

VP Internal

Lauren Chan

Major: BA in Psychology (Honours)
Year: 4th
Fav Class: Social Psychology, Developmental Psychpathology, Abnormal Psychology
Fav Prof:Dr. Goghari, Dr. Brown, Dr. Boyce, Dr. Curtin, Dr. Stam
Field of Interest: Child Psychopathology, Counseling Psychology
Other Interests: Shopping, reading, relaxing, movies spending time with
friends and family and of course my dog

Internal Commissioner

Kristy Kowatch
Major: BA Psychology
Year: 5th
Fav Class: Developmental psychopathology, social psychology
Fav Prof:Don't have a favourite professor - there are lots of good ones!
Field of Interest: Anything relevant to adolescence. I'm also very interested in eating disorders and addictions, as well as issues affecting aboriginal communities.
Other Interests: I loved gardening and have recently taken up snowboarding.

VP Finance

Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz

Major: Psychology
Year: 3rd year
Fav Class: Health Psychology
Fav Prof: Dr. Deborah Brown
Field of Interest: Clinical Psychology
Other Interests: Literary Theory, Religious Studies, Transpersonal Psychology, Integral Psychology, Hula Hoop dancing, Fire performing and Burning Man.

Finance Commissioner

Amy Watts

Major: BA Psychology (Honours)
Year: 4th year
Fav Class: Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Astronomy 209 (The Cosmos)
Fav Prof:
Dr. Melissa Boyce; Dr. Deborah Brown; Dr. Don Kline
Field of Interest: Counseling Psychology/Music Therapy
Other Interests: Reading, music, scary video games and watching Asian dramas!

VP Promo

Frances Churcher

Major:BSc Psychology
Year: 2nd
Fav Class:PSYC 385, PSYC 369
Fav Prof:Dr. Kline, Dr. Boyce, Dr. Antle
Field of Interest:Forensic psychology, developmental psychology, cognition
Other Interests: Music, reading, travelling

Promo Commissioner

Amy Webber

Major: BA Psychology
Current Year: 4th
Favorite Class: Psychology and the Law
Favorite Prof: Dr. Melissa Boyce, Dr. Deborah Brown
Field of Interest: Forensic Psychology/Psych and Law
Other Interests: drawing, painting, sewing, fashion, anything creative

VP Academic

Rachel Ferrer

Major: BSc Psychology
Year: 4th
Fav Class: Abnormal Psychology, Brain & Behaviour
Fav Prof: Dr. Boyce
Field of Interest: Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders
Other Interests: Traveling, Scrapbooking, Dancing, my puppy

Academic Commissioner

May Luu

Major: Psychology
Year: Third
Fav Class:Social Psychology, Brain and Behaviour, Health Psychology
Fav Prof: Dr. Antle, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Hala
Field of Interest: Health Psychology
Other Interests: Reading, dancing, animals, and sports

VP Web

Ryan Widmer

Major: BA Psychology; Minor: Religious Studies
Year: 4th
Fav Class: History of Psychology with Dr. Stam, Abnormal Psychology, Psych/Law
Fav Prof: Dr. H. Stam; Dr. Melissa Boyce
Field of Interest: Clinical Psychology
Other Interests: Guitar, Gaming, Traveling,