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Pizza Fridays

Once again we will be hosting Pizza Fridays for PSYCHS members on the last Friday of every month. Swing by for a free piece of pizza, friendly conversation, and a chance to meet some of your fellow Psyc undergrads. We also have cheap food & pop to go along.
Don’t forget to bring your PSYCHS membership card.

Pizza Friday Days
Feb 25, March 25, April 15

Grad Photos
Psychology students interested in grad photos can sign up in the PSYCHS office, A173 for March 15-16 at various times. There is a $20 sitting fee.


Come for food and converstaion with both psychology faculty and psychology graduate students. If you're interested in the honours program, this is a great change to mingle and network with potential supervisors.

MacEwan Hall, Cassio A/B
Wednesday, February 16. 15:00-18:00
RSVP PSYCHS if you are planning to attend. It is free PSYCHS members and faculty, $3 for non menbers.

Honours and Graduate Seminars
Every semester through a combined effort of PSYCHS and the Department of Psychology, seminars regarding Honours and Graduate school are held. These are wonderful ways to learn more about your degree, what it takes to be apart of the honours program and not only what you can do with your undergraduate degree but how to futher enhance your academic career with a graduate degree.

March 1st is the deadline for Honours. If you want to do Honours in your last year, applications have to be submitted by March 1st. Application and other details can be found on the Department of Psychology website.