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Sexuality Policy Watch (2008): Position Paper on the Language of “Sexual Minorities” and the Politics of Identity.

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Part 2 (This Page): - Anonymous / Near - Anonymous Public Sex / Promiscuity- Intergenerational Relationships- Sadomasochism- 'Different', Not Fitting in, Community Rejection/Abuse, Being Fetishized- Ableism: People With Disabilities- Body Shape/Size & Other Attributes- Rape and Sexual Abuse .

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Part 3 (Individual Pages): - Bisexuality, Biphobia,  and Related Issues / Abuses- The Elderly and Ageism- Intimate Relationships- Couples, Marriage & Adoption- Violence in Relationships- Drug / Alcohol Use / Abuse / Addiction .

Anonymous / Near-Anonymous Public Sex / Promiscuity

Gay Bathhouses. - Babylon: "For gay men around the world, the bathhouse experience - for many, it's a repeated pilgrimage rather than a one-off experience - is an important feature of their lives. Yet, because such places are associated with promiscuity and sexual overtness, many feel guilty about having been there. They downplay their visits, maybe even deny them, and this whole aspect of our gayness is made furtive and indefensible..." - How to tell if he's interested? - Bathhouse Etiquette. - Rules of the Bath (Humour). - Bathhouse 101: A primerBathhouse 101: A primer. - Assume Nothing in a sauna or backrooms. - Gay Bathhouse Issue Prompts Partisan Fervor/S.F. Health Commission may address clubs' return. - Bye-bye "bathhouse"? - SF Activist Groups Lobby to Open Closed Bathhouses N/A. - City rejects move to reopen gay bathhouses. Google Searches: Gay Bathhouses. -  The Boys in the Bathhouses. - A Study of the Sexual Behavior and Attitudes of the Men who use Hong Kong's Gay Saunas (PDF Download).

Montreal Sauna Story: "Montreal is one of the gayest cities in the world and a staple of gay male life in the city remains the saunas (called bathhouses in the rest of the world). There are more bathhouses in Montreal than any other North American city - 12 in the heart of the city, plus four more in Longueuil and Laval.- Galboy's Links to Gay Saunas & Bathhouses in Asia. - Gay Saunas/Bathhouses in Europe. - London & UK Gay Saunas & Bathhouses in 2000. - Gay saunas, UK. - Dipping into Budapest's Baths. - Bathhouse raid a sexist outrage. - The History of Gay Bathhouses. - Racism at the Bathhouse. - Google Searches: Gay BathhousesGay Baths, Gay Saunas. - Facilities and HIV Prevention in Bathhouse and Sex Club Environments. - Public Sex, HIV Prevention and Law Enforcement. - Police Raid Saigon Sauna.

Bathhouse on Trial, Calgary, Alberta. (Related Information, Viewpoint). - Sex Police Are Still with Us. - Fear of Daisychaining: Getting the Criminal Code out of your sex life, An ongoing series by Xtra, Xtra West and Capital Xtra on Canada's silly sex laws. - - Vice is not so nice: bathhouses aren't bawdy houses. - "The state has no place in the bathhouses of the nation": Egale condemns Calgary bathhouse raids - calls for charges to be dropped and full apology. - The collapse of queer activism: The fight for gay rights should be flourishing, but in Calgary it has vanished... It’s four years into the new century and gays and lesbians have most of the rights and privileges of their straight friends – not all of them, but in Calgary it seems having some rights is enough. Gay activism in Calgary is described as "underground," "leaderless," and "non-existent" by the handful of activists left in the city, and it’s not as if there isn’t need for it... For the first time in Canada in years, a bathhouse, Goliath’s, was raided and the keepers and patrons were charged in 2002 with keeping or being in a bawdy house. The law under which they are charged was designed decades ago to shut down places of prostitution... "Membership in political activist groups in Calgary is almost nil," he says. "The Goliath’s raid should have galvanized the community, instead it has become a dead issue in Calgary. It holds a higher profile in Toronto and Vancouver than where it happened." ... When a public meeting was held to organize a response to the raid there were immediate elements of opposition because of what Goliath’s is – a place where gay men go to have sex. "There was a fairly vocal core from the very beginning that bathhouses represent all the negative stereotypes about the gay community and protestations of: ‘I don’t know anyone that goes to these places,’" Lock says. "There was this element of people there that wanted to police people’s sexual expression... - The decline of sexual radicalism in The Netherlands. - Is the Gay Rights Movement  Doomed to Fail? - The politics of assimilation: are we really 'family too'? - Assimilation and its meaning: the end of gay culture. - Gay Culture and the Riddle of Andrew Sullivan. - At the end of the rainbow: The gay world is looking straighter ever day. Or is the straight world a bit more bent, asks Tim Dick.

Playing in the Dark: Korean "Gay" Men and "Gay" Korean Bathhouses (Song Pae Cho, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (Abstract, Must Scroll: PDF Download. Full text): "Gay experience and urban modernity are uniquely intertwined, with the latter providing the staging ground for sexual experimentation and openness in ways that permit a kind of emergent gay democracy. Within the urban setting, gay men have had the opportunity to meet other men and create social practices and institutions that constitute the “gay experience.” Among these varied practices has been the practice of “public” sex, queering the often marginalized and abjected spaces of urban settings such as deserted lots, parks, and public bathrooms into a stage for sexual encounters and connections between men. Even though the mainstream gay and lesbian movement in South Korea has often disparaged these spaces in favour of more “formal” rights and markers of “gay citizenship,” in this paper, I argue that it is, in fact, the “wild” and “unregulated” spaces that often exist only provisionally and both within as well as outside the field of gay commodification, that we can see the practices of gay democracy and public gay society-making. Using ethnography from “gay” bathhouses in Seoul, Korea, I argue that these spaces where queer desire sometimes takes us by surprise can open ourselves up to the pleasure of inter-class and inter-generational contact as well as the possibility of imagining other forms of sociality. However, they can also reveal the limits of Western notions of “gay identity,” and “gay community.”

Encountering Babylon: Pursuing Beauty & Sexual Justice at a Globalized Gay Sauna (Gary Atkins, Seattle University) (Abstract, Must Scroll: PDF Download. Full text): "Gay bathhouses, Allan Berube once noted, were among the first American institutions to give that country’s gay men pride in themselves and in their sexuality by creating a ‘safety zone’ where they could communicate and be affectionate with each other. Today in Southeast Asia, one such bathhouse stands out in its reputation as a place of contact and communication among gay Asian men from throughout the region, as well as among Euro-American men. This journalistic paper examines the history and role within Southeast Asia of what has become one of the world’s best known gay bathhouses, Babylon. Relying on interviews, writings from those who have visited, newspaper accounts, and observations, it traces the sauna’s history from its inception at private social gatherings in the 1980s to the police raids conducted in 2002 as part of a Thai government social crackdown. The paper also profiles the gay Thai man who “authored” Babylon and examines his approach to constructing a gay and male space through the communication elements embedded in the sauna."

Theatrics of Cruising: Bath Houses and Movie Houses in Tsai Ming-liang’s Films (Guo-Juin Hong, Duke University) (Abstract, Must Scroll: PDF Download. Full text): "This paper looks at gay cruising in films by Taiwan’s internationally famed director, Tsai Ming-liang. I focus on three films, namely, The River (1995), What Time Is It There? (2001), and Goodbye, Dragon Inn, Goodbye (2002), and locate a few significant cinematic moments, hoping to show a peculiar movement of desire in Tsai’s film works. I call it a theatrics of cruising because the intricate stagings of those activities through chance encounters_be it intentional or misunderstood, comic or horrific, consummated or interrupted_are a hide-and-go-seek game that flirts with the film viewers and frustrates their visual participation as much it does the characters in the films. Never in any straightforward manner, this theatrics of cruising encourages a reconfiguration of cinematic space; a space, I will attempt to argue, that effects a different visual economy similar to the Deleuzian notion of deterritorilization and reterritorialization. A re-vision, then, of the cinematic space and its identificatory processes is made possible by such a theatrics at work; at play, too, but perhaps more than a tease."

Camp David Raid: "For the fourteen guys who were humiliated and thrown in jail after a massive police raid at Camp David in Pretoria there have been more than four months of court appearances, severe stress, uncertainty and anxiety about the future. The affects of this matter on their careers and unlawful exposure of their identity by a Pretoria newspaper, all ended in smiles when charges were withdrawn against them before they even pleaded to charges of public indecency. Patrons at Camp David nude bar were arrested on Friday the 17th of November last year during a raid on the club by a platoon of nearly 80 police. After being unlawful photographed in their naked state by police and members of the press, they were thrown into the back of a big police truck and taken to Brooklyn police station where they were kept until the next day before charges were laid due to demands by the lawyers of Camp David to either lay charges or set the men free. The owner of Camp David, Danie Hamman, was also arrested and charges of money laundering, organized crime, indecent behaviour, contravening the liquor act and sexual offences were laid against him... - Camp David club charges dropped: When the police raided the club on November 17, they were met by men wearing only shoes. - Child porn probe at SA's 'Camp David'.

Journal of Homosexuality, 44(3/4): Special Issue, Abstracts from Haworth Press: "Gay Bathhouses and Public Health Policy": Public Health Policy and Gay Bathhouses. - A Theoretical Approach to Bathhouse Environments. - The History of Gay Bathhouses. - Number and Distribution of Gay Bathhouses in the United States and Canada. - The San Francisco Bathhouse Battles of 1984: Civil Liberties. - AIDS Risk, and Shifts in Health Policy. Legal Aspects of Regulating Bathhouses: Cases from 1984 to 1995. - Sex and the Baths: A Not-So-Secret Report. - Beyond the Baths: The Other Sex Businesses. - Designing an HIV Counseling and Testing Program for Bathhouses: The Seattle Experience with Strategies to Improve Acceptability. - Comparing Sexual Behavioral Patterns Between Two Bathhouses: Implications for HIV Prevention Intervention Policy.

Anonymous Sex: Sex in public spaces can be very stimulating encounters! - Le " paradigme de la promiscuité ", par Rommel Mendès-Leité (bibliographie) - The Queer Issue: The return of public sex. - The social construction of sexual practice: setting, sexual culture and the body in casual sex between men (Ph.D. Dissertation, 2001, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine University of Sydney. Download Page: Contents / Abstract). - Policing Public Space: Community Response to Park Cruising and Sexual Activity (PDF Download). - The boys in the bathhouses. - Presentation of Study in LA Bathhouses & Study Results (PDF Download). - Editorial Opinion: Public Sex. - Cows and bulls to drive away gays?

Some Research Work: - Differential HIV risk in bathhouses and public cruising areas. - HIV risk behaviour among men who have sex with men in public sex environments: an ecological evaluation: "Of 614 men observed, over 250 exhibited activities and behaviours related to, or potentially related, to HIV-risk relevant sexual behaviour." - Anonymous sex among homosexually active men: implications for HIV prevention (Venereology, 2000, 13(4): 143-148.): "A self-completed questionnaire... [participants at] London Gay Pride festival in July, 1997. The sample was male, UK resident and homosexually active in the last year (n=1695)... In the last year almost half (49.7%) had sex in anonymous sex sites including cruising grounds (31.1%); saunas (27.2%); pubs/ clubs (25.4%) and public toilets (20.6%). - Tales from the backroom: anonymous sex and HIV risk in London's commercial gay sex venues (Venereology, 2000, 13(4): 150-155). Sexual and drug-using practices of HIV-positive men who frequent public and commercial sex environments (AIDS Care. 2002, 14(6): 815-26). - Men who have sex with men (MSM) in public sex environments (PSEs): A systematic review of quantitative literature. - Where young MSM meet their first sexual partner: the role of the Internet. - The role of contact efficacy in evaluating sexual health promotion--evidence-based outreach work within a public sex environment. - Cruising for sex: sexual risk behaviours and HIV testing of men who cruise, inside and outwith public sex environments (PSE).

The Hard Question: Why does Tom Of Finland never date? My friend Henry was off to the baths one night, and at the doorway, I asked what he hoped to experience, there. A far-off look came into his eyes before he answered, with a slow-growing smile: “A fantasy of... masculinity!” - Community / A community debate on public sex: Some consider public sex an essential gay way of life. Others are appalled at the thought N/A. - The man lesbians love to hate: "Quick sex, for me, is part of gay male culture. Even though it's empty for some, it's very therapeutic and pleasurable to others."

Cops are collecting gay men's names in parks. - Courts frown on even the smell of sex: Public sex is still a very risky proposition because it is still basically illegal. - Mayor designates park bushes as high crime zones. - Gay sex insults tourists, says top cop. - The pitter-patter of little police feet everywhere. - Straight Stripper Clubs Cry Foul N/A: "A Carlton St. gay club bartender said explicit sex in clubs is generally accepted in the gay community. Will McDowell, a Toronto criminal lawyer, said illicit acts in public areas are illegal whether acceptable in the gay community or not." - Sex Talk: Speaking of public sex.

Squirt!? On the net / You get the General Idea. "Squirt will be a community of men who enjoy public sex  with each other." - Sunday in the park, engorged: Our down 'n' dirty guided tour to outdoor sex. - Drop the charges: "Toronto’s eight bathhouses are no longer safe from police and it’s time for the gay community to take a stand, one of the city’s leading sex educators says". - Searching for a rubber: Some bathhouses are ignoring safer sex.

Public-Sex Issue Threatens to Open a Pandora's Box of Civil Liberties: "Why gay men have a taste for public sex has both historical and psychological roots. Before homosexuality was decriminalized, it was illegal to operate an establishment catering to homosexuals. So, for many men, the only way to meet one another was in certain public areas (gay women tend to socialize in more private circles). Today, with numerous gay bars and clubs, that need for men to meet in public has greatly diminished. But for many, the thrill of meeting men in public, and even having sex in public, remains." - Public sex in the city? Not us, we're heterosexual. "Portions of the gay community, including countless closeted married men, enjoy virtually institutionalized cruising at a variety of parks and washrooms, the odd bar and, until recently, The Bijou porn theatre."

Public Sex in Paris (French): "Début été 1999, le bois de Verrières dans la banlieue parisienne, a fait l'objet de plusieurs descentes de police, venue controler l'identité de promeneurs ou surprendre des ébats amoureux dans la forêt et dans le camp militaire désaffecté." - Eating Out, Eating In: Public Sex(ualities). - Campus & Community News (Berkeley): "Project Description: The Men’s Project focuses on HIV prevention interventions especially on men that have sex with men that frequent public sex environments (PSE). PSEs include bathhouses, parks, public restrooms and adult bookstores and other public venues where people meet to have sex. It is well known that PSEs are venues where MSMs often engage in high-risk sexual activity."

Sex Panic! - protecting gay public sexual culture. - Sex Panic! It is a pro-queer, pro-feminist, antiracist direct action group. Our multi-issue agenda aims to defend public sexual culture and safer sex in New York City from police crackdowns, public stigma and morality crusades. - Sex Panicky. - National Sex Panic Summit. - Pleasure Principles (Lingua Franca).

Anonymous sex with no commitments: Public sex environments. - Focus on anonymous sex distorts image of homosexuals N/A. - "Public sex" information from (Some Nudity). - A History of Outdoor Sex In and Around Glasgow. - From Trailboys' Magazine: "Having sex in public places can be hot fun! But it can also attract unwanted attention...." - Virginia Park now Taken Over by Gay Sex. - Sex Arrests on a Gay Beach Provoke a Hamptons Debate. - The Return of Anonymous Sex In NYC. - New Rules Alter Line Drawn on Public Sex

Perverts in the Park - The Saga Continues. - Cops ordered to look away from public sex, what next? (Boston) (Must Scroll). - Eight arrests follow police sting at park toilets. - Eleven arrested in "Operation Cubicle," half actively involved in gay community. - Sexual activity targeted in Riverside Park N/A (Grand Rapids).  - More than 1,000 cruisers arrested [in 3 month, USA]. - Police, Gay Leaders Meet After Public Sex Arrests N?A. - The Toilets of Tomorrow.

Cottaging and Cruising in Barnet, Brent and Harrow (Links to all parts of the study, including Executive Summary). - Cruising site angers taxpayers. - Cruising and Cottaging (England)  &  Carry On Cruising: A two-part report on the "public sex" scene (England). - Outreach at Public Sex Environments in Surrey. - Outreach: "We provide support, info and safer sex packs on the gay scene, and in cruising and cottaging areas in Liverpool, Sefton and West Lancs." - Cottage industry. - Cottaging & Cruising: the law in Scotland (PDF Download N/A). - "Cruising for Trade"  &  "Dangerous liaisons: the quest for casual sex in public places" (New Zealand). -  Why men solicit sex with men in toilets.-  Crackdown on gays not harassment - cops.- Gays cry entrapment after park crackdown.

Policing Public Place 'Beat' Meeting Behaviour - Recommendations for the Victoria Police. Australian report contain a wealth of information on public male-male sexuality. (Related Article).

Cover Story: Sex in the stalls: Restroom rendezvous N/A. - Celebrities' fatal attraction to public sex. - CHP cracks down on illegal acts in Transbay Terminal men's bathrooms (San Francisco). - Man to stand trial over infecting teenager with HIV. - The George Michael "Public Park Washroom" affair. - Robo-toilets proposed to stop 'gay' cruising.

Mayor: 'Homosexuals ... engaging in sex, anonymous sex, illegal sex'. - Robotic Toilets To Curb Gay Sex? - 'Gay' activists strike back at mayor's 'robo-toilets'. Launch campaign to engulf him in TP for his attempt to stop public sex. - Despite mayor's comments, Fort Lauderdale still appeals to gay visitors. - Broward police: Sex in public `not much of a problem': South Florida police said sex in restrooms isn't much of a problem. Experts say that up to half of those men who do have sex in public places aren't gay.

Toilet Sex: Getting caught and police response in Singapore. - Four Takes on Cruising [in Singapore]: A cosmopolitan toilet, Dongdan Park, Cruising as social events, Noel's tale. - Playing with Dynamite II - the police seem to treat homosexuality as public nuisance. - STD, HIV/AIDS prevention among gay men and men who have unprotected anal sex with other men in public sites in Mexico City.

Characterizing the PSE (public sex environments) -using population: "The great majority of PSE users identify their sexuality as gay." - Public sex in South Africa. - History of Cruising. - Gay community going online for outdoor pursuits. - Internet the most commonly used venue to cruise for sex by gay men with syphilis in SF. - Policing Public Sex: Colleges confront 'cruising' in campus men's rooms. - Public Policy Regulating Private and Public Space in Gay Bathhouses

Camille Paglia Sides with G.O.P. Bigots & Southern Baptists Anti-Lesbian Lesbian Equates Male Homosexuality with Prostitution - Camille Paglia's former highly positive response to gay men's anonymous sex encounters. - Anonymous Sex and Relationships. - Anonymous Sex. - Gay sex in park 'worse' despite arrests (The Washington Times). - Speaking Out about Sex in Silent Spaces. - Anonymouis Sex, - Am I addicted to anonymous sex? - Lesbian Public Sex Beyond the Bars.

Frank talks about anonymous sex and depression. - Bless and recognize gays, urges liberal cleric. (One reason for gay male promiscuity given.)  - Homophobia implicated in "furtive gay sex" of born-again Christian. - Gay promiscuity focus of controversy in city. - Environments.Public sex predicament - attitude of Massachusetts governor Paul Cellucci about people having sex in public places.

Blind Spots: A review of the literature on men who make social and sexual encounters in public sex environments and their HIV-related risks (Study includes Executive Summary). - Issues around beats: BEATS - Know your rights N/A. - Liberation, Commodity Culture and Community in "the Golden Age of Promiscuity." - Queer Spaces. - Through a Hole in a Wall: Setting and Interaction in Sex-on-Premises Venues

Charles Haynes's Radical Sex?: Internet Resources. (Charles' Home Page N/A Archive Link) (Related search)

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Academic Searches: Search IngentaConnect: The most comprehensive collection of academic and professional publications. - Search Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online. - Search JSTOR: The Scholarly Journal Archive. - Search The National Library of Medicine.

Books: - The Golden Age of Promiscuity - a novel by Brad Gooch  (Review). - Try - 1994 - a novel by Dennis Cooper (Review). - Policing Public Sex: Queer Politics and the Future of AIDS Activism - 1996 - edited by Dangerous Bedfellows, E Glenn, and W. Hoffman (Abstract)  (20 Sample Paged) (Review). - Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex - 1994 - by Pat Califia  (Review, 2nd edition) (Review) (New for this edition: “No Minor Issues: Age of Consent, Child Pornography, and Cross-generational Relationships”. -  How to Have Sex in Public Without Being Noticed -1983- by Marcel Feigel and Brian Heaton. - Public Sex/Gay Space - 1999 - edited by William L. Leap (Related Information) (Abstract / Contents). - Queers in Space: Communities / Public Places / Sites of Resistance edited by Gordon Brent Ingram, Anne-Marie Bouthillette, and Yolanda Retter (Abstract) (11 Sample Pages). - Public Sex in a Latin Society - 2000 -  by Jacobo Schifter (14 Sample Pages). - Take the Stranger by the Hand: Same-Sex Relations and the YMCA - 1998 by John Donald Gustav-Wrathall (Review). - Gay Bathhouses and Public Health Policy - 2003 - edited by William J. Woods, Diane Binson.

Intergenerational Relationships

Queer As Folk: "Some viewer advisories are to be taken more seriously than others. In the debut episode of the British series Queer as Folk, set in the gay milieu of Manchester, a 30-year-old man takes home a 15-year-old boy. This caused a sensation in Britain, where Queer as Folk got a predictable lambasting from conservative critics and also drew criticism from gay lobby groups, who objected to a TV series reinforcing stereotypes of gays as pederasts and promiscuous hedonists in the age of AIDS." (Montreal Gazette). "This is the series which has allegedly caused outrage over scenes depicting rimming, under age sex, toilet sex, insemination babies, drug taking, and all the other things we all know go on, but which we patronisingly assume the hetties have to be protected from." (Gay and Lesbian Humanist Review N/A (Alternate Link, New Link) - "Showtime's 'Queer as Folk' is a mature, often explicit look at the gay experience." (Review header, Seattle P-I. N/A, Alternate Link) - Is it good for gays? - Chicken (gay slang). - Portland's New Openly Gay Mayor Admits to Affair With 18-Year-Old (2009).

Child Sexual Abuse and Homosexuality: The Long History of the “Gays as Pedophiles” Fallacy (PDF Download, New Link). - Older - Younger Lesbian Relationships (2008). - Age disparity in sexual relationships (Wikipedia). - Intergenerational Love. - Is it child abuse, gay porn or our literary heritage? - Homosexuality and Pedophilia: The False Link. Does homosexuality lead to pedophilia? (2008). - Imagining Intergenerationality: Representation and Rhetoric in the Pedophile Movie (2007): The 2004 Toronto International Film Festival offered dramatic evidence of intergenerational sex in the cinema. Films such as Bad Education, The Heart Is Deceitful above All Things, Mysterious Skin, and Palindromes all strive to represent minors having sex with adults in more candid ways than in the past..

Abuse by Definition? The Taboo as Excuse: "Dr. Frank van Ree unfolded his point of view concerning intimate relationships between young people and adults and concerning criteria which distinguish good and damaging contacts... Pedophilia and ephebophilia are not merely inappropriate, unrespectable, deviant, or even morbid minority orientations, but criminal pursuits. ‘Pedophiles and ephebophiles are child molesters, child abusers, child threateners, and above all child rapists and murderers.’ That is what the media seem to report to us." - Ethics and human rights in intergenerational relationships.- Intergenerational Relationships: Benefits, Purpose and Function N/A (Alternate Link). - New Book Alleges Walt Disney Was A Gay Pedophile (2010). - Gay rights campaigner James Rennie jailed for life over paedophile ring (2009). - Scottish paedophile ring found guilty of more than 50 charges (2009): Gay rights campaigner led double life as ringleader. Two offenders abused children of close friends

Was Michael Jackson A Pedophile? (2009, by J. Michael Bailey). Though inconclusive, the repeated molestation charges and rumors were worrisome. And even Michael Jackson admitted that he loved to sleep in the same bed as children. (It seems that he preferred boys to girls.) That's what precipitated the criminal investigation in 2005. Neither several accusations of sexual abuse of boys nor his admission that he loved sharing his bed with boys necessarily meant that Jackson was sexually attracted to boys. But it is a reasonable hypothesis—arguably, the most reasonable hypothesis—that he was. So for now, let's assume that Michael Jackson was sexually attracted to the boys he was accused of molesting. What was his sexual orientation? Jackson was sometimes accused of being a pedophile. "Pedophilia" refers to the sexual preference for children who have not yet entered puberty. The word "pedophilia" is used too imprecisely these days, sometimes to refer even to teachers who have sex with their 16 years old students. That is an incorrect usage, because 16 years old students are usually sexually mature. Those teachers have bad judgment but are not pedophiles. - New Book Claims Michael Jackson Was Gay (2009).

Ephebophilia: Ephebophilia strictly denotes the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not the mere presence of some level of sexual attraction. In sexual ethics, it may be defined as a sexual preference for girls generally 14–16 years old, and boys generally 14–19 years old. Some authors define ephebophilia as a sexual preference of pubescent and adolescent boys. In research environments, specific terms are used for chronophilias: for instance, ephebophilia to refer to the sexual preference for mid-to-late adolescents, hebephilia to refer to the sexual preference for earlier pubescent individuals, and pedophilia to refer to the sexual preference for prepubescent children. However, the term pedophilia is commonly used to refer to any sexual interest in minors below the legal age of consent, regardless of their level of physical, mental, or psychological development. Acting upon ephebophilic preference can be illegal, for example, when the adolescent is below the legal age of consent. - What To Call Foley: The congressman isn't a pedophile. He's an ephebophile (2006).

What is BoyLove? - BoyLinks: Scholarly Resources. - Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers (The book N/A The  Book).- OKs book pushing man/boy sex. - What's going on at - Examining the overall positive benefits of younger male/older male relationships... - Information about NAMBLA from U.S. News & World Report. - Home Page of International BoyLove Day. - The man who loves boys. - Pedophilia or boy love (1999).

Extein, Andrew (2005). “Apparently, I am a Pedophile:” Living and Coping as a Child-Lover in the Netherlands. ISP Collection. Paper 426 (PDF Download). Abstract: The term “pedophile” is among the most loaded and controversial in Western culture. In my study I seek to gain a better understanding of the men that would fall into the category of “pedophile,” a phrase that is more often than not misused and misrepresented by our society. To gain this insight I have interviewed six self-identified child-lovers or pedophiles about their life experiences with these feelings, how they came to realize their feelings, how they came to terms with their feelings, how they express their feelings, and how they cope with their feelings. The paper discusses and defines certain misused terminology, examines past research on the topic of pedophiles and child-lovers, and attempts to better represent a group that is not allowed to vocalize theirfeelings.

I'm 14, I'm Gay & I Want a Boyfriend N/A (Alternate Link): Fourteen year old LEE tells PETER TATCHELL about first sex, boyfriends, coming out, paedophilia, and why an age of consent of 16 won't help under-age gays like him. Lee is 14. He's been having sex with boys since the age of eight, and with men since he was 12. Lee has a serious problem. He wants a steady relationship and has been going out recently with a guy in his mid-twenties, who he met at the hairdressers. But in the eyes of the law, Lee's partner is a paedophile and Lee is a victim of child abuse.That's not, however, the way Lee sees it: "I want to have a boyfriend. It's my choice. No one's abusing me. Why should we be treated like criminals?".

Intergenerational Gay Men’s Relationships(2009): I recently had an opportunity to discuss with several men the issue of the relationships of younger gay men with older gay men. Although a rather small group of men, some of their insights were quite interesting, and their experiences were quite similar. These younger men expressed they had always had an attraction to men who are significantly older than they are. One said, that even as a teen, he not only knew that he was gay, but he also recognized that the men he was attracted to were much older... Several of the younger men said that they only began to feel “normal” when they realized there were lots of other gay men who experienced this same inter-generational attraction.  - Men seeking sex on an intergenerational gay Internet website: an exploratory study (2010, PDF Download). - Intergenerational Gay Dating: Older Men for Younger Men. - Top Five Anxieties When Entering an Intergenerational Relationship (2009). - Gay Life: Intergenerational love (2008). - Bridging the intergenerational gap (2010).

Reflections on Cross-Generational Relationships. (If link problems, access via: index.) - Why Some Boys Want an Older Male Lover. (Alternate Link) - "From the age of thirteen when I read a magazine article and realised men and boys could also work as prostitutes I wanted to be a Hustler N/A.(Archive Link) - Houses with Boys (Alternate Link). - Older men, younger boys, or visa versa? (Alternate Link) - Rent Boys: Notorious trophy boy Andrew Cunanan's relationships with rich older men were not unique. A look inside San Diego's silent subculture. - Washington Post's 4-part "The Life of a Trophy Boy." - To Dirty Old Men. - Le Sugar-Daddy. - The Queer Issue by Philip Guichard: "Lay Off Me! I'm a Boy, Not Your Toy, and I Want To Be With Another Boy. I Hate Older Men." - No Viagra jokes, please. Mixed Medium / Meet the gerontophiles, young men who chase sexy seniors.

From: Stranger In Paradise - "Why are there so many young gay Asians out there dating old White men?" Results from Young Asian Men's Study (Age = 15 -25): Seattle Results: "The majority of the most recent encounters of unprotected anal sex were with an older white male." San Diego Results: "Forty percent of the most recent encounters of unprotected anal sex were with an older white male." - From PlanetOut: Sex Talk by Simon Sheppard.  - Some basics of a DADDY/boy relationship.

The London, Ontario 1993-96, "Child-Sex Porn Ring": Possibly not what the police and the media led many to believe. Transcript of the CBC program IDEAS (4-part).Alternate transcript link. "Sex is involved, for sure, but the boys - teenage boys, most of them hustlers - never speak for themselves. Their names are a secret. The men involved are never interviewed... Joe Terry: "I know a lot of men who have been seduced by boys. I mean let's face it, when someone who's 17 and good-looking is putting the moves on you, most guys wouldn't say no. Or they wouldn't before all this started. I know a lot of guys who're scared and would think twice about it now. But I mean it takes two. No one gets forced into it. If they're doing it, they're doing it because they want to, especially if they're 15 or 16. They know what they want. And they're going to get it... But when you're 17 years old, or even 14 - like I was doing it when I was 14. I was out there, I was picking up the guys. It wasn't them picking me up. And you can't be a victim unless you're forced into something. So no, I don't think they're victims."

Chronology of events for the famous Canadian legal case related to the 1978 "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" Body Politic article. Gay community fights for right to write about (report on) such a well known reality which is a major part of the history of male homosexuality. - Salem's Shadow: "America's first sex witch hunt, 300 years ago, lasted only a summer. The current hysteria has gone on for more than 15 years. Among its first victims was a gay teen, who remains in prison. What's going on?

Parole for Life: America's new weapon against queer sex puts Big Brother in your bedroom like he's never been there before. The apartment was home to Chris Farrell, a 38-year-old gay man, who was on parole after serving four years in prison for consensual sex with three teenagers. Is there sex panic? "But the Sex Panic conferees glossed over the most egregious recent affronts to civil liberties... the most stringent control has been reserved for those involved in intergenerational sex."

Why not plead guilty? Pornographer avoided easy 'artistic' defence. - Judge is getting death threats Analysis / Oddly, defending kiddie porn is not a popular past-time. - It's Friday; you're a paedophile. - Mad about the boy / in Print / Matthew Stadler's consummate naughtiness.

On Boys and Boylovers (Alternate Link). - Disc Jockey Pleads Guilty To Soliciting 13-Year-Old On-Line N/A. - Former MP and accused pedophile murdered N/A.  The U.S. Senate on NAMBLA. - The Queer Issue: NAMBLA-RIFFIC! The Beauty of Adolescent Boys. - Man to stand trial over infecting teenager with HIV.

Journal and Research Reports on Pedophilia. - Pedophiles Argue their Case in the Journal of Homosexuality (1991).-  Paedophile Networks in Australia - Extent and Activities. - North American Man/Boy Love Association. - ACLU to Defend Pedophile Group Associated Press

PAIDIKA - Journal of Paedophilia. - Paidika Interview: Hollinda Wakefield and Ralph Wager Part 1. - The reason for this letter is to point out to you the mistaken use that you and other media usually make of the word "pedophilia" N/A.-  Free Spirits: Boylove on the Internet.

NAMBLA web site N/A: (Archive Link) - NAMBLA N/A. (Alternate Link)  - Wikipedia: NAMBLA. - Positive and beneficial ["men and boys"] Experiences (with study references)A.

Boys on the Side: A Survey of Adult/Youth Relationships in Movies and TV.

Wächter, Nino (1999). The Experienced World Of Young Gay Men Who Are Attracted To Older Men: A Phenomenological Study. Master's Thesis, University of Turku, Department of Psychology. English Summary & Link to Full Text in Finnish: N/A  . Alternate link to English Summary: N/A  . New Link: (Archive Link). (Alternate link with link to complete study in Finnish N/A Archive Link). New link to English Summary: - Study from a "Gay Bear" group - "The attraction towards older men begins typically already as a child. Also, the ideal male type develops already then. Before adolescence, the attraction is a vague desire to be close to older men that manifest the ideal type, and infatuation to them. Sexuality is on the background of the attraction right from the beginning, but the feelings are defined as sexual only on the verge of adolescence. The origins of the interest in older men are as unexplainable as any other preference. The effect of a distant or absent father is a possible, but not probable, explanation for the preference... The ideal male type is always older than oneself, most typically 50 - 70 years old. It is rare that one searches for progressively older partners as one himself grows older; in other words, the ideal age of the partner usually stays approximately the same throughout one’s life.

Rind B (2001). Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys' Sexual Experiences With Men: An Empirical Examination of Psychological Correlates in a Nonclinical Sample. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 30(4): 345-268. (Full Text) (PubMed Abstract)- 20.2% of the gay / bisexual males interviewed reported such experiences, meaning that one could expect about one in five gay / bisexual males to have had such experiences. For these experiences, the "subjects' mean reaction was positive (M = 3.94, SD = 1.25), although individual reactions ranged from very negative to very positive. Overall, reactions were as follows: 38.5% very positive, 38.5% positive, 7.7% neutral/mixed, 3.8% negative, and 11.5% very negative. Combining categories and rounding, 77% were positive, 8% were neutral, and 15% were negative. Overall, subjects were mutually consenting (M = 4.15, SD = .51); consent ranged from acquiescing to encouraging. Thus, forced or coerced contact was not a factor in this sample. To the contrary, nearly a quarter (23.1%) encouraged the contacts and about two-thirds (69.2%) mutually consented; 7.7% acquiesced. Thus, 92% evidenced positive desire for the sexual involvement."

Stanley JL, Bartholomew K, Oram D (2004). Gay and bisexual men's age-discrepant childhood sexual experiences. Journal of Sex research, 41(4): 381-289. Full Text. PDF. - Holmes WC (2008). Men's self-definitions of abusive childhood sexual experiences, and potentially related risky behavioral and psychiatric outcomes. Child Abuse & Neglect, 32(1): 83-97. PDF. - Arreola S, Neilands T, Pollack L, Paul J, Catania J (2008). Childhood sexual experiences and adult health sequelae among gay and bisexual men: defining childhood sexual abuse. Journal of Sex research, 45(3): 246-52. Full Text. - Arreola SG, Neilands TB, Díaz R (2009). Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Sociocultural Context of Sexual Risk Among Adult Latino Gay and Bisexual Men. American Journal of Public Health, Suppl 2: S432-438. PDF.

Tindall, Ralph (1978). The Male Adolescent Involved With a Pederast Becomes an Adult. Journal of Homosexuality, 3(4): 373-382. (PubMed Abstract) (Summary): "The author notes that all of these boys developed into adults with sexual patterns considered acceptable by the culture. None of them described having any homosexual desires in adulthood. He writes that these cases support claims by other researchers that early adolescence is a period of practicing sex, and that this practice can take many forms. It may be premature to label adolescent boys who engage in sex with other males as homosexual...Many lay and professional persons have predicted dire consequences as a result of the type of relationships described in this account...My observations support Rossman's (1976) statement that it is a mistake to assume that boys who had experience with an older homosexual will eventually become homosexual or psychoneurotic or have more problems than any other male adolescent."

Intergeneration Issues For Gay Asian Males: The Truth About GAM N/A (2001, Archive Link. Alternate Link): "The pursuit of a white boyfriend is so intense that many gay Asian men would sooner date a much older white male partner than another Asian.  Asian and Friends and the Long Yang Club are both social organizations with numerous chapters around the world that are designed for Asian men to meet Caucasian partners.  I had attended some of their events in cities from Sydney to New York, and all I saw were 50-something white guys with their 20-something Asian boyfriends." - Gay Asian Pride N/A (2001, Archive Link. Alternate Link): "Based on my personal experience and talking to friends, I have found that most "Asian admirers" (or "Rice Queens" as they are known in the community) are always older than their Asian "boyfriends." ...While perusing the gay bookstore, I noticed a porn magazine with only Asian male models. However, unlike Caucasian porn magazines, these Asian men obviously appeared to be in their teens with very effeminate bodies." - The fetishisation of Asian and White N/A (New Link). - Any boy bars in Singapore? (N/A. Archive Link, New Link) See: More information from Canada on this subject.

Aging Disgracefully: The Problem With Older Gay Men (Part 1): "Older gay men and younger gay men rarely talk to each other... I went through my entire twenties without a single friendship with an older man. I felt manipulated by them.  There were only two kinds of older men, as far as I was concerned: Those who made a pass at you and those who didn’t... Now that I’m over 40, I’ve had to come face to face with my own questionable behavior with younger guys... (Part 2) There are plenty of young guys who want the sexual company of older men. But the majority don't. What they  want is friendship, guidance, advice and support. And too often, men like me use these potential gifts as a lure for sexual conquest. In gay life, the line between sex and friendship is thin, transparent and constantly moving... There is always something wrong when you sacrifice friendship for momentary pleasure. There is always something wrong with using experience and power to exploit youth and vulnerability. I had a responsibility to redefine what it means to be an older gay man and I failed miserably."

Gay City crosses The Great Age Divide in public forum N/A (Seattle Gay News, November 20, 1998) (Archive Link): "The forum revealed how often Gay men make mistaken assumptions about each other, based on our own life experiences, misinterpreting the  intentions and behaviors of other Gay men older or younger than ourselves. The discussions revealed how we often mistakenly project our own personal assumptions and stereotypes onto one another, and fail to understand the experiences of Gay men  from another generation... Gay City forum "The Great Age Divide" didn't solve the problem of intergenerational misunderstanding and conflict, or answer the questions of where we go from here... Generalizing from the trend of the comments from the audience, younger Gay men tended to view older Gay men as bitter, angry, frightened of their sexuality, and sexually exploitative of younger Gay men... On the other hand, older Gay men tended to view the younger generation of Gay men as reckless,  misinformed, superficial, sometimes cruel, and sexually exploitative... Many people expressed the desire of a Gay community where we relate to one another not as sex objects, but find some deeper ground for encountering and enjoying each other, while some folk felt that sexual objectification of Gay men was entirely appropriate and to be expected."

Gay Kids in the Real World: - The rooms are a theater of archetypes, of men with names like "HedCoach" and "LuvDad" exchanging horny messages with "SwmrDude" and "MusclKid." Many of the names that advertise youth, of course, are inhabited by older men. But there are boys there too - boys like Sam, and not like Sam: boys who play the games of boyhood successfully, winning at sports, excelling at school, admired by young women, well liked by their peers. And there are hundreds of men and boys in those rooms, every night of the week. Almost every one of the boys I interviewed for my article informed me that they were regularly propositioned by older men on AOL. At first, when I asked them what they thought of that, they'd wrinkle up their noses and say things like, "Gross."  Then, often, later in the conversation, if the trust level got high enough, a teenager might admit to me that he himself had met an older boy or man online, and saw him in real life. Sometimes the two became friends. Sometimes they had sex. Sometimes meeting offline had turned out to be an uncomfortable experience, but sometimes the young man perceived it in a positive light - an introduction to a larger circle of friends, or an entree to the wider gay world. For some of these highly intelligent, articulate young men, an offline rendezvous with an older male was a risk that had turned out to be worth it... The truth is, gay teenagers and older gay men have always found ways to meet, despite every law against it. Those interactions, fraught with risk on every side, comprise a kind of initiatory process for young gay men." 

Garry Otton. Dancing With Paedophiles: "Whenever older men turned up in gay discos popular with young gays, they stood out like sore thumbs, particularly with a bunch of 'chickens' or a young pop group in tow. They certainly weren't there to dance to Dooley Silverspoon! Innocent youth? The boys chewed 'em up and spat 'em out. To reinvent youth as always the innocent and vulnerable victims of 'perverts' avoids the truth and lowers the complicated issue of sexuality further into the grave we are slowly digging it...."

The politics of Perversity. The Pedophilia of Everyday Life: (Alternate Link)  "Pedophilic images are surprisingly common in society- surprising given that society careers from hysteria to hysteria over the possible sexiness of children. Society seems to need these images. And the images are allowed to the extent that they are buffered, not read in the first instance as sexual representations, and do not develop beyond mere suggestive idea into a pedophilic discourse, a context of meaning for the pedophile. Indeed the social requirement that the pedophile's existence be shadowy helps realize the social requirement that sexy images of children will not be read as such. Society needs the pedophile: his existence allows everyone else to view sexy children inno cently. But his conceptualization by society must not be allowed to be rich enough to be interesting, to constitute a life. Sexy images of children abound, but NAMBLA remains a universal whipping boy.

Books: - DRUM BEATS: Walt Whitman's Civil War Boy Lovers edited by Charley Shively (Must scroll to locate abstract). - Dares to Speak : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Boy-Love - 1997 - by Joseph Geraci (Editor), Vern, Prof. Bullough (Introduction). - Varieties of Man/Boy Love: Modern Western Contexts (Nambla Journal) - 1996 - by M. Pascal (Editor) ( Deletes Book).  - Male Intergenerational Intimacy: Historical, Socio-Psychological, and Legal   Perspectives - 1993 - by Edward Brongersma, Alex X. Van Naerssen, and Theo G. M. Sandfort, Theo Sanfort, editors (Google Books). - Loving Boys by Edward Brongersma ( Deletes Book. Book Reference). - Crime without Victims - 1993 - by Edward Brongersma. - Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece - 1996 - by William Armstrong, III Percy.  "Intergenerational Relations and AIDs in the Formation of Gay Culture in the United States" - 1997 - by Gilbert Herdt In: Changing Times: Gay Men and Lesbians Encounter HIV/AIDS - 1997 - edited by Matin P Levine, Peter M. Nardi, and John H. Gagnon.. - The Age Taboo: Gay Male Sexuality, Power and Consent - 1981 - by Daniel Tsang (Review).

Daddy's Boyz: Tales of Intergenerational Adult Gay Sex - 2006 - by Bob Condron. - Loving Sander - 1996 - by Joseph Geraci.-  The Man Without a Face - 1993 - by Isabelle Holland. - For a Lost Soldier by Rudi Van Dantzig, Arnold J. Pomerans (Translator), Rudi Van Dantzig.  - Avoidance: A Novel - 2002 - by Michael Lowenthal. (Secret summer love: Michael Lowenthal says his new book, Avoidance, about a summer-camp crush, is a nod to classic" homosexual novels" of forbidden love.) (Reviews) (Review).


The Erotic Power Exchange Information Center. - What is Erotic Power Exchange?  - International Mr. Leather Homepage. - History of the Leather Pride Flag. - Hanky Code. - Hanky Code.- Hanky Code. - The case for dress codes: At a leather bar, we expect a masculine, low-key atmosphere. - If Everybody’s Kinky, Nobody’s Kinky. - Speaking to Vanilla Audiences About SM. - Weathering the Storm of Public Controversy. - Fighting With Ourselves: A Leadership Guide to Resolving Conflicts in the SM-Leather-Fetish Communities. 

Exploration of the Leather, S/M, and Fetish lifestyles. - Watch Out, Marginalized Again (The leather Tribe). - SM vs. Abuse. (Alternate Link). - The Pleasure of Pain--Why Some People Need S&M. - Chthonic BDSM

Lesbian Sex Mafia. - Wikipedia: Lesbian Sex Mafia. - Sexual Freedom Now. - The Confessions of an S/M Leatherdyke. - Lesbian Public Sex Beyond the Bars. - Violence And Discrimination Against S/M Women.(Alternate Link) - Sadomasochism in the Lesbian Community: An Interview With Audre Lorde and Susan Leigh Star. - The Joy of S/m. - A Lesbian's Life, Inc: BDSM: Negotiating a Scene.

Violence against S/M women within the lesbian community: A nation-wide study: (Alternate Link) "Of the 539 S/M women who took part in the VIOLENCE AGAINST S/M WOMEN WITHIN THE LESBIAN COMMUNITY survey, 56% reported some form of violence (harassment, discrimination, physical assault) over their S/M lifetime within the lesbian community because of their S/M. orientation. Within the last year, 44% of the S/M women reported some form of violence against them. 34% of the S/M women reported being victims of violence 1 to 3 years ago and 41% reported victimization occurring over 3 years ago." - Violence & Discrimination Survey

"Police Free Gay Slaves": Some Juridico-Legal Consequences of the Discursive Distinctions Between the Sexualities. Ben Attias California State University, Northridge. - Conversio Virium: Columbia University's Student BDSM Discussion Organization. (Archive Link) - Sexuality and Civil Rights: Freedom from Government Reprisal (PDF Download).- The perversions of Michel Foucault. - Whipping up Community : Reworking the Medieval Passion Play, from Ron Athey to Mel Gibson (PDF Download). - Planning and Executing A Group BDSM Ritual.

SM Issues for Healthcare Providers.

Abstracts: - The erotic construction of power exchange. - Voices from the Margins: Sadomasochism and Sexual Citizenship. - Sadomasochistically Oriented Behavior: Diversity in Practice and Meaning. - Identity, Place, and Erotic Community Within Gay Leather Culture in Stockholm.

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Books: - URBAN ABORIGINALS: A Celebration of Leathersexuality by Geoff Mains (SCENEprofiles Interview with Mark Thompson regarding the reissue of Geoff Mains’ Urban Aboriginals) (Excerpt). - Philosophy of the Marquis de Sade - 1995 - by Timo Airaksinen (Related Information). - Gay Body: A Journey through Shadow to Self - 1998 - by Mark Thompson (Review) (Amazon) (Review). - Between the Body and the Flesh: Performing Sadomasochism by Lynda Hart (Abstract) (Amazon). - Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community  - 1993 - by Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy,  - Unleashing Feminism: Critiquing Lesbian Sadomasochism in the Gay Nineties: a Collection of Radical Feminist Writings - 1993 - edited by Irene Reti (Abstract). - Leathermen speak out: an anthology on leathersex: Volumes 1 and 2 edited by Jack Ricardo (abstract). - The kiss of the whip: explorations in SM by Jim Prezwalski (Must scroll to locate abstract.). -S&M: Studies in Dominance and Submission edited by Thomas S. Weinberg.  - The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual - 1988 - edited by Pat Califia (Review). - Lesbian Choices - 1995 - by Claudia Card (Review, Table of Contents). - In Search Of A Master - 2002 - by John Preston. - Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures - 2006 - edited by Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Charles Moser (Abstract). - Making Sense Of Sexual Consent - 2004 - edited by Mark Cowling, Paul Reynolds.

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Being 'Different' and/or Not Fitting in Gay/Lesbian Community & Community Rejection/Abuse or Being Fetishized

From Chapter One: About Fitting into the Gay Community by Brian McNaught N/A. (From the book "Now That I'm Out, What Do I Do?" (Google Search: Brian McNaught, gay comunity) - It's Hard Being Me. - The Mythology of Transgression: Homosexuality as Metaphor: It is (the) normalization of homosexuality that turns outcasts into clones of those who made them outsiders in the first place," Highwater aptly observes in arguing that our differences should be encouraged. (Jamake Highwater, American Indian Author, Dies at 59 N/A) - Ideology of the LGBT youth movement - Prejudice: Homophobia, TransPhobia, BiPhobia, HeteroPhobia, Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Disabilities, HIV Status, Social Class, Religious Hatred.

The Gay Communication Game: Life Stories & Lessons for Gay Men... A Book Proposal (PDF Download): "I'm a gay man, but I don't like to associate myself with the gay community, simply because I can't stand the way they treat one another! (Leonard Lewis - NYC, 2003)... My Purpose for Writing this Book: I propose that by interviewing both gay and heterosexual men and women concerning gay male communication, those interviews will yield many interesting anecdotes, as well as: unexpected comparisons; and identifiable observations and insights. By investigating some of the roots of these often demeaning and devaluing communication patterns, perhaps we may find a way to promote a more positive change. Awareness that a problem does exist is the first step toward changing one’s own behavior. I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not suggesting that every gay man interacts in a dysfunctional manner when communicating with other gay men. However, there is a large enough number of us for whom I believe this book IS important. Important, for primarily providing a tool for obtaining more awareness as to how we speak and interact with other gay men. I also want it to be known that I do not perceive being gay as a shameful experience, but rather as a prideful one. It's interesting, that as gay men, we are continuously demanding more respect from the heterosexual world. But why should the heterosexual world show more respect for us when, frequently, we don't respect one another?...

Outside In:  The Failings of Alternative Communities. "I discovered that in the gay community, maintaining its own version of the status quo seemed to be more important than actually promoting an alternative to mainstream society. Too frequently, gay and lesbian communities create a mirror image of the very mainstream society from which they have attempted to escape. These communities become a highly essentialized gay and lesbian mainstream, where you have to do all the right things to be in and to feel like you belonged. You have to be just the right kind of queer."

De-Moralizing our Sex Lives: - What Lesbian Psychology Does to Lesbian Sex. (Issues relating to the "politically correct thought police," and lesbians against S&M, lesbians having sex with men, and pornography).

Organizers of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival are trying to sprinkle some sugar and spice and everything nice on a long simmering conflict with Transexual Menace. Members from the New York City Transexual Menace have organized an event called Son Of Camp Trans in protest over the women-born women only policy at MWMF. - Who excludes transsexuals, and why? What effect does this have on them? N/A.

But none of that excuses the gay culture; none of that justifies the ugliness, the self-absorption, the viciousness, the intolerance, the racism/sexism/ageism and the rigid conformity of behavior and belief. - Participation as Dis-Identification With/in a Community of Practice. - "No fats or fems" gym culture as patriarchic oppression. - Living outside the stereotype: I'm feeling like I don't fit in. At school or church I'm treated like "that gay guy." But I'm also treated just as differently at the Billy DeFrank gay community center in my hometown. While there, I've heard other gay people say, "Oh, he's not really gay," or "What's he doing here?" ... So why are we still driven by stereotypes? I hope that one day I will be accepted by all for being me. And I hope that future gay youth never have to face this problem.

Boiling Rice: The above message, posted on a popular circuit party website, is indicative of an undiscussed, but disturbingly prevalent racist attitude in the gay community. Ironically, white friends of mine have become strongly aware of it, having overheard other whites complaining about "too many Asians spoiling a club's atmosphere," along with the requisite "Suzy Wong" and "Miss Saigon" jibes...Wong also finds it disturbing in reading personal ads that, along with the usual requests for "gym-bod, non-smoker, Daddy" types, there is, "Please, no Asians." "I've heard of people saying what they wanted," he says, "but never what they don't want racially, like no fats or fems."

Homer Sexual, The Blog: It all started when I rejected that whole gay thing.Before you send me hate mail or give me lectures on my responsibilities as a member of the community in my comments, consider that as an overweight, baby-faced, financially challenged, socially inept and troubled youth, the gay culture was much less than kind. In fact, I strain to think of one positive association with my time living life deep within the gay scene and I can’t think of any. Pride and responsibility are doors that swing both ways. If gays can’t have pride in each other and responsibility for the least among them, then they have no right to demand that I be proud of being gay or that I take any kind of responsibility to their rights or recognition. If gays don’t want to be known as shallow and hateful people they should remove their mirrors—surgically if need be—and stop making Joan River’s red-carpet commentary look like a papal blessing... 

A square peg in a round hole: So the following is my “mini-thesis” on the diversity (or as some say discrimination) within the gay community... It’s sad to see how divided the gay culture is while at the same time we strive to be included in the mainstream and clamor for our rights to be married and not discriminated against by the general population. We cry for our right to be respected and recognized as any other human being and yet we discriminate against our own. We ask for laws to be passed so that we could adopt kids, make health decisions for our partners, buy a house and leave it to the ones we love, not get fired from our job for not being gay etc., yet we look at each other and assign a label.

The Transgendered in the queer community: We will only be discussing male to female transgendered and transsexuals, because that's what we have studied. Some of what we say may also coincidentally apply to female-to- male transsexuals...Roberta Perkins'\cite{perkins:94} survey of trannys showed that the group that most harassed them was gay men. Why? Trannys do tend to socialise at gay venues and many of the club gays only value transsexuals who are stereotypically attractive the rest are `dogs'. There are other gay men who are trying to distance themselves from thegeneral public's sissy image of them and they are not at all happy with trannys who bring ill repute.

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Books: - Assaults on Convention: Essays on Lesbian Transgressors edited by Nicola Goodwin, Belinda Hollows and Sheridan Nye (Abstract).  - Outside Belongings - 1996 - by Elspeth Probyn (Abstract) (The Author). - Femme: Feminists, Lesbians, and Bad Girls - edited by Laura Harris and Elizabeth Crocker (Abstract). - Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People - 2000 - by Viviane K. Namaste (Amazon).

Ableism: People With Disabilities

Writing Abilities: Disabled Gays and Lesbians 'Stare Back' - Melbourne Star Observer: Invisibility is one of the main issues faced by many gay and lesbians who are physically disabled. - Gay & Disabled: "Author Kenny Fries has written an essay entitled "The Imperfections of Beauty: On Being Gay and Disabled" for Looking Queer. He speaks of negative status within the perfection-seeking gay community, and how the gay community lags behind the need for confronting and accepting the facts of disability, particularly those incurred by AIDS." - Gay Disabled Men N/A. (Archive Link) - Gay with the experience of disability: the ideal man!

Deaf Gay Individuals: The Community and Culture. - DQRC Announces New Scholarship Fund for Deaf Queer Youth! - Kolekona's Story: I was a deaf gay teen in the 1980's and I tried to introduce deaf gay teens to gay youth groups starting in 1985 with a youth group in Boston, but failed.... - Deaf Queer Role Models. -  How Hearing Queers can Understand... - Patterns of support among gay lesbian deaf persons

ABLE-TOGETHER: A Forum For Gay And Bisexual Men With And Without Disabilities N/A. (Archive Link) (Related paper: Able together: A quarterly newsletter serving abled and disabled gay and bisexual men.) (Reason For Termination).

Able, Together? - When Bad Things Happen to Good Gay People: Looking Toward Disability Income Insurance. - Resources for Bi People Living with Disabilities.

Passing Twice: Over the years, we've come to understand the parallels between homosexuality/bisexuality and stuttering. Twice, we come out of the closet. Twice, we choose between community and isolation. Twice, we contend with well-meaning professionls who want to make us "normal." Twice, we deal with families who don't fully accept us. Twice, we create our own circles of understanding friends. - Newsletter: Slected Articles Online.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgendered Disabled Veterans of America. -  Gay Concerns Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Disability.

Black and disabled lesbians and gay men (England)  - Regard: The National Organisation of Disabled Lesbians and Gay Men. - Disability Bibliography from

Disabled woman’s one-night stand is a complicated scheduling event :"Some disabled lesbians and gay men can’t have sex without help And for those who rely on attendant services, sex can be complicated.

Queer and Dis/Abled: Special Issue Journal of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity, Volume 4, Issue 1, January 1999. Guest Editors: Dawn Atkins and Cathy Marston. - Creating Accessible Queer Community: Intersections and Fractures with Dis/Ability Praxis. - The case for a focus on sexual access in a critical approach to disability and sexuality research (Word Download).

International Conference on Queerness & Disability Planned. Plus: A Resources Section. "It is challenging and often frustrating to get information about people who are disabled and queer. Most of the queer organizations do not have any information about people with disabilities. And most of the disability organizations do not have information about people who are queer. In fact, most organizations seem to assume or pretend that there are no queer disabled people."

The Ultimate "Planet Out" Guide to Queer Movies (Subject: Differently-Abled Issues).

Deaf Queer Resources: Coming Out Stories. - Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf: Links. - Deaf Queer Groups.  - Deaf Bears & Cubs.- Deaf Lesbian Resources.  - Deaf Queer Youth N/A (Archive Link) at - Ethnic and Deaf F2M Resources N/A. - Deaf Queer Community E-Zine N/A. (Archive Link). - Deaf Leather Community

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Bibliography: Lesbians and Disability. - BENT: Literature by Gay, Disabled Men.

Books: - The Sexual Politics of Disability: Untold Desires by Tom Shakespeare, Kath Gillespie-Sells, and Dominic Davies (Abstract) (Conclusion: PDF Download) (All section available online). - Restricted Access: Lesbians on Disability - 1999 - edited by Victoria A. Brownworth and Susan Raffo (Amazon). - Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay and Lesbian Reader - 1993 - edited by Raymond Luczak ( title search) - Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories - 2003 - edited by Bob Guter, John R. Killacky, Paul R. Du Noyer. - Desiring Disability: Queer Theory Meets Disability Studies - 2003 - edited by Robert McRuer, Abby L. Wilkerson. - Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability - 2006 - by Robert McRuer, Michael Berube. - Gay, Black, Crippled, Fat: A Collection of Short Stories - 2006 - by Adarro Minton, Philip Montelone.

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Body Shape/Size & Other Attributes

NOLOSE: National Organization for Lesbians Of SizE - NOLOSE Condeference 2006. - Fat!So! - Fat & Bi. - Stories, Rants & Raves. - Heavy SM: Fat Brats Speak Out N/A. - Big fat lesbian donference.

Loving myself phatly: Toon Toon, the cabbage soup diet & my journey to self-acceptance.  "I am fat and beautiful."- Fat or Flab: Today it is impossible for gay men to separate gay culture from gym culture. "I, too, am the embodiment of the superficial skin deep man that I sincerely dislike." - (In)Visible Bodies:
Weight and Appearance in a Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Community.

Life Outside; the Signorile report on gay men (Book Review): " In Life Outside, Signorile continues the critique of contemporary queer life he began so eloquently in Out magazine. His target is the fast-lane, urban gay life, also known as the 'cult of masculinity', the "party circuit", or the 'hot boy party life'. This, Signorile tells us, is a 'mostly white, youth-focused, and often drug-fueled social and sexual gay male scene that is highly commercialized and demands conformity to a very specific  body ideal. Its cultural influence and impact are significant, and it affects  many - perhaps most - gay men, even if they think they are far removed from it'." - "No fats or fems" gym culture as patriarchic oppression.

Older and wiser (Health and Community, UK:  New Site for Shout Magazine): Being gay or bisexual isn't always easy. Being a gay or bisexual man and getting older brings its own difficulties. As well as coping with homophobia and heterosexism, there is also ageism from other gay men.. Readers of the gay paper Boyz will have read one recent contributor's comments, stating that he didn't want to see disabled or 'old' men on the scene. His message was clear; the scene is for pretty young things with flawless skin and gym-toned bodies. Anyone who doesn't meet these standards should stay at home... Thankfully, this garbage was quickly challenged by many other readers and the paper's editor, who each declared their own right to enjoy all that the scene has to offer (all right, this was mainly in London, not rural North Yorkshire) and their preference for more mature men. However this was no lone voice, all too often older gay men don't access the scene because they have been made to feel unwelcome, or fear that  they will be treated as a curiosity, accepted as a novelty or a 'character'. There are more serious issues facing older gay men, and in time these will affect most of us."

Running With The Bears: Since I’m also a fat gay Asian guy, I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying–we don’t exactly fit the stereotypes of what GAMs should be, and yet, the alternatives aren’t exactly palatable either. I’ve always found it strange to be fetishized–whether it be because of my ethnicity, or my looks, or my weight. Luckily, I’ve been able to find a community of good friends where that isn’t that big of a deal. We’re all a bunch of outsiders who are as comfortable in the non-white parts of SF (meaning every other frickin’ part of the City) as well as in the Castro, and who can make fun of all the shit that happens in all those neighborhoods. It’s also made me realize that regardless of who we are, and whether or not we fit the stereotypes, is that we have to be happy in our skin, and find people who accept us for who we are. I don’t like identifying with a lot of the gay communities because of all the constant demarcations that are drawn up–based on ethnicity, looks, weight, etc. And yet, I find that finding people who are looking for those demarcations makes it extremely convenient and efficient if I wanna get laid. So it’s a double edged sword–I recognize that because of our society, we’re never gonna be truly accepted by the “gay community”, whatever the hell that is. As long as you’re accepted by who you term your community, that’s what’s most important...

Webpages: - Chubs & Chasers webring. - Fat Gay Males

Bear Links.- Orsi Italiani: Girth and Mirth:  "An Orso Italiano, Italian Bear, is gay, big, hairy and happy to be so, even if that goes against the stereotype of a gay person slim, smooth and young imposed on us by the gay media." - What's a Bear? A Bears is a gay man that generally has one or more of the following traits; hairy chest and body, a beard, and some chub. Otters and Bear lovers are sometimes classified as Bears as well.

Bear Pages: "Bears and the bear community used to be a bigger deal for me; over the last year my feelings have begun to change. There's no telling where the process will end up, but it's been interesting so far. I encourage anyone who doesn't know about this fascinating gay subculture to learn more about it..."

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Books: - Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes - 1994 - by Debbie Notkin and Laurie Toby Edison.  - The Bear Book : Readings in the History and Evolution of a Gay Male Subculture - 1997 - by Les K. Wright, Ed. (Abstract)  (Review). - Gay, Black, Crippled, Fat: A Collection of Short Stories - 2006 - by Adarro Minton, Philip Montelone.

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Rape and Sexual Abuse

Male Rape possible? - Men don't get raped! - Dating Violence Against Men: Male Rape: It happens! Not just in prison or among gay men. - Silent Victims: Bring Male Rape Out of the Closet (The Advocate, July 30, 1991). - The hidden shame of male rape. - The Opposite Of Sexy: The reality of Male Rape. - Young gay men need to know ... Male on Male Rape N/A - Dating Violence N/A. - Prison rape is a gay issue, no joke. - Comparative Data of Childhood and Adolescence Molestation in Heterosexual and Homosexual Persons. - Texas officer convicted in transwoman's rape.

Campaign to raise awareness of gay rape (San Francisco): D.A., supervisor, police chief start program at City Hall... Posters will start appearing on Muni buses reading, "I thought he was a great guy until he raped me." ... Nine cases of gay sexual assault were reported in the city in 2006, but in the first half of 2007, that number is already up to 18. Officials said they believe more attacks are happening this year, but that increased awareness of the importance of reporting the crimes may also contribute to the higher number. The attacks are almost all happening in the Castro. Anti-crime volunteers began patrolling the neighborhood last fall wearing orange clothing and carrying whistles after two men reported being raped in the area. - Gay Rape: Men are victims of rape as well. Sometimes at the hands of women and sometimes other men. Male rapists aren't all necessarily gay, but being gay does not make one exempt from being a rapist either.

San Francisco Gay Community Grapples With Race, Rape: Mark Welsh chokes up as he describes his rape last fall and the word his two assailants kept repeating. "They kept saying ‘faggot' over and over again," said the 51-year-old owner of a video store in the Castro district. "It went on for what seemed like forever."... But — because both Mr. Welsh and another rape victim say their assailants were black — news of their attacks has heightened tensions in a community that for years has been accused of racial exclusion... Still, many blacks say they're made to feel unwelcome in the Castro. "There's an unspoken language, whether you're a black man or woman, that there's no space for you here," said Lisa Williams, a local activist who is black. "When you go to a bar, you get the feeling that the prices are being adjusted. It takes forever to get served, and the wait staff watches you like a hawk." - Male rape claim in gay sauna: An 18-year-old told police he was attacked by an older man inside the Pleasuredrome in Cornwall Road, Waterloo. Pleasuredrome describes itself as London's best sauna for gay and bisexual men and stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gay rape orgies shock the Netherlands: A GAY gang that allegedly raped victims lured on the internet, drugged them and infected them with the AIDS virus has shocked the Netherlands and raised questions over its liberal sex culture... Ronald Zwarter, the police chief in the northern town of Groningen, where the alleged crimes took place, said two of those arrested, a couple aged 48 and 33, had confessed. "Their stated motive was that it excited them - and also that, the more HIV-infected people there were, the better their chances of unprotected sex," he said. "They considered unprotected relations to be 'pure'." - Dutch shock over gay AIDS rape gang. - Man in Gay Village rape ordeal: Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was raped and sexually assaulted in Manchester's Gay Village. The 27-year-old victim left the New Union pub at around 2.30am on Saturday May 28 after a night out. Whilst waiting for the bus to Hyde on London Road he was approached by a man who asked him for change. Another man arrived at the scene and the victim was then raped and sexually assaulted in an alley behind a bookmakers' shop in China Lane... One offender wore a black leather jacket and both spoke in a foreign language mixed with broken English. It is believed they are of Eastern European origin.

Rape in the Gay Community: The Hidden Epidemic: Rape is a subject that few people want to talk about, especially in the Gay community. However it is a lot more common than most members of the Gay community wish to admit.- Male rape: when Mr. Nice turns nasty: Joseph’s date seemed to be going well enough. After meeting “Frank” online, with whom he’d chatted for a number of weeks, he’d agreed to meet for dinner at Joseph’s favorite Indian restaurant... It didn’t seem unusual to Joseph that Frank asked if he could use the restroom before he made the drive home. After all, they had both had several cocktails that night at dinner.  But “opening the door for [Frank] that night was the beginning of a nightmare,” recalls Joseph, 34... When he next looked at a clock, it was shortly after 11 p.m., and he was bleeding slightly from his rectum. And while he doesn’t remember everything that happened, he does remember sporadic moments of words and phrases, including his own voice saying “no” and “stop” and “hurt” and “please,” and Frank’s voice saying “relax” and “condom” and “your fantasy” and “You know you want it.” ... It estimates that between 12 to 30 percent of gay and bisexual men have engaged in sexual intercourse when they did not want to because they felt coerced to do so – the very essence of the definition of rape in the United States. - The Silent Crime: Gay Rape. - Why gay rape is no joke. - Google Search: "Gay Rape"

Gay men as victims of nonconsensual sex: Incidents of nonconsensual sexual activity among 930 homosexually active men living in England and Wales are analyzed. Of these men, 27.6% said they had been sexually assaulted or had sex against their will at some point in their lives; one third had been forced into sexual activity (usually anal intercourse) by men with whom they had previously had, or were currently having, consensual sexual activity. The contention that male rape is usually committed by heterosexually identified men, primarily as an expression of power and control, is not supported. Recognition that gay men rape other gay men is needed, both by the gay community and support services for victims. - Victims and perpetrators of male sexual assault: The authors report two different accounts of male sexual assault in the literature. The first view is that rapes are perpetrated by homosexual offenders. The other view is that rape is predominantly an example of heterosexual violence. This article reports on the results a study constructed to explore both possibilities. Data from 83 male sexual assault victims and 36 investigated police reports was reviewed. Results indicated that homosexual offenders knew their victims for some time and targeted males under the age of 25 years. Heterosexual offenders were more likely to attack strangers of all ages and tended to operate in gangs. Consistent with the literature on the rape of females, the data indicated that the acquaintance rape was less likely to be reported to the police.

Another Associated Press Scandal: Wire Service Covers Up Black-Male-on-White-Male Rape Spree: There is nothing theoretical about the above questions. In and around Baytown, TX, since April an armed serial rapist – "a clean-shaven black man, 18-21 years old... [5'10"-6' tall] and with a shaved head" and carrying a backpack -- has been targeting small, frail, white men, 18-21 years of age, who live in their parents' houses. The last reported rape was committed on November 30. And yet, the Associated Press doesn't want potential victims, students of rape, or inquisitive citizens to know the truth. - Hunt continues for Texas male-on-male rapist: Levin and other experts say male-on-male rape sometimes stems from sexual encounters gone bad. But that does not appear to be the case with the rapist in this oil-refining town of 70,000 people about 30 miles east of Houston. -  Man charged in Texas male-on-male rape:  Police in Baytown, Texas, have arrested a man they say is responsible for at least one in a series of male-on-male rapes that have set their Houston-area town on edge for nearly a year. Keith Chester Hill, 19, was arrested late Tuesday at his family's Baytown home, police Capt. Roger Clifford told the Baytown Sun on Wednesday. Identified in a police lineup by one of his alleged victims and by an alleged DNA match with samples taken in a May 2006 attack, Hill was charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping in the May incident, the Sun reported. He remains in custody in lieu of bail... The investigation was complicated, in part because profilers don't have a basic standard for investigating male-on-male rapes, Clifford told the Associated Press. - Black On White Homosexual Rape–Race Not An Issue, Say Police.

South Africa: HIV prevention services miss rape survivors: Another treatment hurdle was the "unsympathetic, judgemental and impatient attitudes" of health workers, which hampered access to treatment for marginalised individuals, such as gay, lesbian and commercial sex workers. "For gay rape survivors this insensitivity by police and health workers usually means being labelled as promiscuous and deserving of the assault," commented Glenn de Swardt, acting director of the Triangle Project, a Cape Town-based gay rights group. De Swardt said homophobia and ignorance regarding male-on-male rape not only often prevented homosexual men from obtaining PEP, but also heterosexual men and young boys who were rape victims. "For straight men there is the fear of being 'effeminised' by their communities, but this also holds true for the families of young boys, who would rather keep the incident under wraps," he said. Sharing De Swardt's concerns, Shaheda Omar, therapeutic manager of the Teddy Bear Clinic, said boy-child rapes were often not reported as a result. "Young boys have always been the victims of rape, but cases are only recently beginning to be reported."

Sordid case of gay restaurateur finally concluded: Phillip David Sturm, 50, used to be a leading figure in Auckland's hospitality industry. In the High Court at Auckland yesterday the once flashy Porsche-driving restaurateur is facing a bleak future, having been convicted of sexually violating three men he plied with drugs and alcohol. - Restaurateur gets 9 years for drugging young men.

Male rape victims far more numerous than supposed. - Male Rape Prevention Project. - Myths About Male Sexual Abuse. - Male Rape. - When Men are Raped. - Male Rape Victims Subject to Ridicule. - VA discovers many men subjected to sexual abuse USA: Male rape in the military (Seattle Times, Sept. 28, 1997).- Peer Sexual Abuse Dangerous for Teens.

Men Raped: Supporting the Male Survivor of Sexual Assault on the College Campus. - The Rape of Males WebPages (includes history) - Unique Issues Faced by Male Survivors. - Imagination is not reality: Prison rape fantasies are a sign of mental health. - Sexuality in prison. - Homosexuality in Male Prisons: Demonstrating the Need for a Social Constructionist Approach

Shock Male Rape Stats (South Africa Online: Daily News, Oct. 25, 1999): "Preliminary investigations indicated that one in five South African men had been raped, Deputy Minister of Justice Cheryl Gillwald said in Pretoria yesterday. Worst nightmare: Prison rape (Daily Mail & Guardian (May 22, 2000): "Rape is a standard feature of prison life, say inmates willing to speak out about the extent of this problem... Michael, a physically bigger and apparently more resilient young man, had an easier stint in Pollsmoor. He describes the standard introduction to prison: "When you first come in, the others push you around a bit and ask you who you are and what you've done. The next day they test your pulse; they kick you to pieces. If you show that you're soft, they'll use you [for sex]. And it's the same ous that get raped every day ... When you see all the sodomy going on around you, you just keep quiet. It's the only way to stay alive. If you tell the chief [the warder], they'll get you."  - Rules of engagement: Structuring sex and damage in men's prisons and beyond.

Male Rape Up in Australia - A third of sexual-assault victims seeking help from the largest victims' support service in the Australian state of Victoria (where Melbourne is) are male. - For Men Only - Male survivors of sexual assault: "I never thought it would happen to me."

Without Consent: Confronting Adult Sexual Violence: Proceedings of a Conference, October 1992 (Australian Institute of Criminology): Sexual Assault of Males by Peter Poropat, Wendell Rosevear (PDF Download).

Study reveals extent of male rape (Britain): "Although homosexual men accounted for only three per cent of participants, they appear to be six times more likely to be victims of such a crime. This could be explained by the fact that gay men are more prepared to report sexual crimes or that gay and bisexual men may have more partners than heterosexuals and many of these are casual. This could increase the risk of abuse." The study available at British Medical Journal Web Site: Lifetime prevalence, characteristics, and associated problems of non-consensual sex in men: cross sectional survey - 1999 - by Adrian Coxell, Michael King, Gillian Mezey, and Dawn Gordon, BMJ, 318: 846-850. - New service will help 'growing numbers of men' who have been abused (Ireland). - Men and sexual assault.

Gay men as victims of non-consensual sex (England/Wales): "Incidents of non-consensual sexual activity among 930 homosexually active men... 27.6% said they had been sexually assaulted or had sex against their will at some point in their lives; one third had been forced into sexual activity (usually anal intercourse) by men with whom they had previously had, or were currently having, consensual sexual activity. The contention that male rape is usually committed by heterosexually identified men, primarily as an expression of power and control, is not supported. Recognition that gay men rape other gay men is needed, both by the gay community and support services for victims." (Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 23(3): 281-284, 1994). - Patterns of sexual violence among men (PDF Download)

No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons: 2001 Report. (Links to Related Articles). - Report Highlights: "Certain prisoners are targeted for sexual exploitation the moment they enter a penal facility: their age, looks, sexual preference, and other characteristics mark them as candidates for abuse. Human Rights Watch's research revealed a broad range of factors that correlate with increased vulnerability to rape. These include youth, small size, and physical weakness; being white, gay, or a first offender; possessing "feminine" characteristics such as long hair or a high voice; being unassertive,  unaggressive, shy, intellectual, not street-smart, or "passive"; or having been convicted of a sexual offense against a minor." - Prison Rape Resources. - Juvenile Justice: Abandoning America's Future? "For the next several months, my son was repeatedly beaten by the older inmates, forced to perform oral sex, robbed, and beaten again. Each time, his requests for protection were denied by the warden. The abuses, meanwhile, continued."

Inmate Rape (Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 16, 2001: "Inmates who run the greatest risk of being raped are those doing time for rape or molesting children, or younger inmates and loners with no allies to watch their backs. Gay inmates or those who exhibit feminine characteristics—longer hair, a thin frame or a high-pitched voice—also fit the  typical victim profile..." - Inmates' Coercion Makes Sex a Currency (The Beacon Journal, March 17, 2002): According to inmates and experts alike, most of the sex going on in men's prisons is voluntary... But not all sex on the inside is voluntary. Rape happens in Ohio prisons. So does another form of coerced sex—to settle debts." - MacHo Love: Sex Behind Bars in Central America - by Jacobo Schifter, Jacobo Schifter-Sikora.

Sexual Orientation Perspectives of Incarcerated Bisexual and Gay Men: The County Jail Protective Custody Experience: "gay men were more likely to pressure bisexual and/or heterosexual offenders for sex while in protective custody. Bisexual offenders who preferred women to men more often sought protection from another inmate, reported more pressure from others to have sex, and felt less safe in jail than gay or bisexual men who preferred men over women..."

Reversal of Fortune: The Rape of Men by Women N/A - by Jarrod Reich, Brandeis University Class of 2001 (PDF Download). - Socialization And It's Impact On Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. - Clinical Considerations In Working With Gay & Lesbian Sexual Abuse Survivors.

Naming the Violence: Homophobia and the Sexual Assault of Men (NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project).

Male-on-Male Sexual Violence in Wartime: Human Rights' Last Taboo?: However, most current literature on war rape fails to recognize another, equally important level of intent and meaning behind sexual violence: the intent to "emasculate" the enemy himself. This is done not only by defiling the enemy's "female property," but also by defiling the enemy's own body. What greater humiliation can one man impose on another man or boy than to turn him into a de facto "female" through sexual cruelty?

Male Rape: Articles from the Professional Medical and Mental Health Journals. - Links to articles, information and education on male rape. - Male on Male Rape: Web sites and pages withuseful information. - Male Sexual Assault Bibliography. - Male Sexual Assault Bibliography. - Search the QRD. -  Search all GLBT Resource Directories. - Search  - Search many full text articles and papers.

Books: - Male on Male Rape: The Hidden Toll of Stigma and Shame by Michael Scarce (Review) (Review) (Review) (Amazon). -  "Traffic in Men" - Sex and Conquest: Gendered Violence, Political Order, and the Conquest of the Americas by Richard  Trexler. - Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's Prison - 2006 - by T J. Parsell. - Male Victims of Sexual Assault - 2000 - by Gillian Mezey, Michael King.

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