Gay / Lesbian Youth Suicide Problems in Australia / New Zealand?
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Gay / Bisexual Youth Suicide Problems in Europe?
Table 1:  The Most Representative Suicidality Studies
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Table 3: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Suicide Attempt Studies
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Table 2: Studies reporting on gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth suicide attempt incidences.

Related Factors/Reasons: Declining academic performance 80% (12/15, in school), substance abuse 58%, running away 41%, conflicts with law 41%, truancy 39%, school dropouts 31%, chemical dependency treatment 17%, psychiatric hospitalization 31% (5/9 - 56% - for suicide attempters), seen a psychiatrist at least once: 72%.
Related Factors/Reasons: 70% of attempters attempted suicide before age of 18. 64% of them state that sexual orientation was part (35%) or most (29%) of reason. 59% of substance abusers (17/48: 35%) give sexual orientation to be part (47%) or most (12%) of reason. Suicide attempt incidence for a) abused youth (38%), b) the ones with substance abuse problems (41%), and c)  the ones rejected by their families (4/11: 36%).
Suicide attempt Reasons:  Attempters were significantly younger when homosexual attraction attraction detected, homo-activity and self-labeling occurred. Most attempters (Mean age = 16.3 years, youngest = 12 years-old) were closeted when first attempt occurred. Most struggling with sexual orientation issues alone.

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