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Table 2: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Suicide Attempt Studies
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Table 4: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Suicide Attempt Studies
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Table 3: Studies reporting on gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth suicide attempt incidences.

Related Factors/Reasons: Attempted suicide incidence for for sexually abused (76%), physically abused (72%), emotionally / psychologically abused (56%). Reasons for attempt: confusion / difficulty with sexual orientation (29%), sadness / depression (18%), parental abuse (16%), fear of rejection (15%), hopelessness / no purpose (9%), 75% of PTS members had had a plan for suicide, but only 15/83 (19.5%) had attempted suicide, while 27/46 (60%) of youth not attending PTS (Pink Triangle Services - for youth) had attempted suicide.NOTE: This youth group, HMI and Horizon (see below) report the lowest attempted suicide rate for GLB youth samples.
Related Factors/Reasons: Emotional isolation for 95%. Sexually abused, 22%. Rape common, especially in institutions. If known to be GB, "rape probable rather than possible" in group homes / shelters. Lesbians also at risk for rape. HMI reported having 9 youth in treatment for a suicide attempt but they had not yet revealed their sexual orientation to therapist.

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