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At A Glance! The result of more than 30 studies in 4 categories.
The replication results of this study have again been replicated.
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Part 4 of 4: Bibliography

Final edited copy, Dec. 1996. Published as "Chapter 12" in C. Bagley & R. Ramsay, Eds. (1997) Suicidal Behaviours in adolescent and adults: taxonomy, understanding and prevention. Brookfield, Vermont: Avebury. A shorter version of this paper was published as Suicidal Behaviors in Homosexual and Bisexual Males in Crisis, The International Journal of Suicide and Crisis Studies, Vol. 18(1), 1997, pp. 24-34 (PubMed "abstract" link with a document delivery service. The abstract is also available on a CRISIS webpage.). The results of this study, combined with the another major demographic study also published in 1998, and additional information have been used to produce a monumentally important CAVEAT ALERT! In 2000, a CDC-Based study - from an NHANES sample taken between 1988 and 1992 - produced a subsample of young homosexually oriented young adult males (age = 17 to 29 years) comparable in age range of the sample taken for this study (age = 18 to 27 years, sample taken in 1991) with "suicide attempt result - compared to same-age 'heterosexual' males - which replicated the results of this study. See Addendum.


Christopher Bagley, Ph.D. and Pierre Tremblay, B.Sc., B.Ed. Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

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