Purpose: To evaluate information technologies as a means of increasing public participation and awareness of biotechnology issues in Canada.

1. How informative did you find this web site to be?
A little
Not at all

2. Was it useful to you mostly in terms of :
a. biotechnology information
b. citizen conference/public participation information
c. both of the above
d. none of the above

3. Do you feel more aware of the issues surrounding food biotechnology as a result of
            visiting this site?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe

4. What suggestions or recommendations would you make to improve this site?

5a. Do you find electronic media a convenient and useful format for finding information
            on a topic such as biotechnology?
a. Yes
b. No

5b. If no, (to 5a),from which communication media would you prefer to get information
            on food biotechnology?
a. newspapers & magazines
b. in person at the retail point of sale in grocery stores
c. television programming
d. radio news

6. Please rank the following topics in order of importance (#1 being most important):
The impact of genetically engineered foods on farming structures
Opportunity for GE technology to provide foods with superior nutrition
Effect of GE technology in the developing world
Respect for limits of natural law
National economic competitiveness in the biotechnology industry
Food safety and personal health (ie allergies)
Environmental sustainability and plant species biodiversity

7. If this survey were a chance for you to vote on the future of food biotechnology in
            Canada, which ONE of the following statements best reflects your attitudes:
           (Please see our FAQ section if you need more information first)
a. I agree with pushing the technology forward
b. I think we need to proceed with caution
c. I am in favour of strong regulatory checks and balances
d. I prefer to see a moratorium on GE food until further research is available
e. I would need more information to make an informed decision

8. Please feel free to make any additional comments about food biotechnology
            and the public interest in Canada?

9. Which of the following categories best reflects your educational level?
highschool diploma
university degree

10. I am :

11. The age category I belong to is:
under 21
over 45

12. As a user of this site I would describe myself as:
general public


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