About Us:

Our Mission:

We are queer people and allies working together to encourage and promote understanding and acceptance of queer people within the greater student, faculty, and staff community at the University of Calgary. We, at Queers on Campus, understand queer to include all expressions of sexual and gender diversity and welcome anyone who identifies with or who is allied with the queer community.

In order to promote understanding and acceptance of queer people and allies at the University of Calgary, we operate in three main arenas: education, political action, and social events. We operate under a non-judgmental and sex-positive framework.

Working to support queer students, faculty, and staff, Queers on Campus provides a means for members to lobby the Studentsí Union and administration of the University of Calgary around issues relevant to our membership. Lastly, Queers on Campus provides a visible resource for queer-related inquiries for all students, faculty, and staff at the University of Calgary.

Our Vision Statement:

The ongoing vision of Queers on Campus is to promote the creation and continuation of a campus that embraces all expressions of sexual and gender diversity and is supportive of all of its students, faculty, and staff. Specifically, Queers on Campus envisions:

- Visibility through positive representations of queer people and lifestyles in campus media, educational materials, and campus events
- A school environment that is safe for members if they choose to openly express their queer identities
- Integration into a supportive university community for all of its members. While being able to integrate, members should not fear maintaining an open expression of their queer identities
- A friendly and fun gathering space with an inviting office, regular events, and an approachable executive team
- Regular social networking opportunities
- Resources for any member of the university community that wishes to garner a greater understanding of queer sexualities and gender identities
- An open and respectful dialogue between executives, members, and interested members of the greater university community
- Educational representation and opportunities in the academic courses offered at the University of Calgary. Queers on Campus will provide information to its members regarding new and upcoming academic courses and will provide suggestions to the administration regarding new opportunities to learn about queer life in an academic setting
- An open environment for questioning sexuality and gender identity
- An environment where each member can choose if, when, and whom to come out to
- A sustainable presence on campus. In order to ensure the ongoing participation of Queers on Campus in the university community, we will develop both short- and long-term plans to facilitate the ongoing growth and development of Queers on Campus. As well, we will preserve the history of Queers on Campus in the University of Calgary archive.

Our Values:

Queers on Campus values accountability by providing and maintaining accurate activity and financial records to the Studentsí Union, administration, and interested members. Activity and financial records must not infringe on the privacy and confidentiality of our membership and affiliates.

Queers on Campus values diversity of its members and acknowledges that all members come from unique backgrounds. While experiences of sexual and gender diversity may be the similar, Queers on Campus understands that all of its members experience other aspects of life such as race, nationality, ability, age, religion, or size in ways unique to each individual.

Queers on Campus values fostering an ongoing dialogue and discussion between executives, members, and interested members of the greater community. Communication takes pace primarily through email, the website, and with occasional poster campaigns on campus.

Queers on Campus values sex positivity by providing members with access to tools for them to make safer sexual choices. These tools include access to condoms, female condoms, dental dams, and lubricant along with literature and information regarding safer sexual practices.

Queers on Campus values visible queer positive identities by allowing executives and members, if they so choose, to visibly represent Queers on Campus in the greater university community.

Queers on Campus values the dedication of volunteers. As a volunteer-run organization, Queers on Campus strives to maintain a positive environment for all who want to help out. We value all contributions of all sizes, and acknowledge these on a ongoing-basis in a variety of ways.

Queers on Campus values safety for all students, faculty, and staff on campus, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In order to promote a safe campus for all, Queers on Campus urges the Students' Union and administration to make safety for all students, including queer students, a priority in all areas of campus including classrooms, school grounds, and residence halls.

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