Here is a mix of questions from straight, gay, and bisexual men and women. If you have a question, agree/disagree with what is stated on this page, or want to know more about something then please contact us.

What is sexual orientation?

We label a person's sexual orientation in an attempt to summarize a lot of their emotional feelings with one word: gay, straight, bi... The term 'sexual orientation' is a little misleading because it may seem to reduce everything to "sex." In reality, 'sexual orientation' includes any/all of: romantic attraction, desire for companionship, the drive to form long-term relationships etc., as well as passion or sex.

Straight people generally find the potential to fulfil those desires and needs with a member of the opposite sex. Gay people generally find the potential to fulfil those desires and needs with a member of the same sex. Bisexual people may find the potential to fill those desires and needs with a man or a woman.


I'm interested in QCampus but I'm not interested in (choose:
Politics/Education/Socializing). Why do you do (Political/Educational/Social) things?

QCampus produces educational activities to help its members learn about issues of sexual orientation. Meetings provide an open forum to discuss things with peers and guest speakers. We are often invited to speak in classrooms or in other public awareness forums as part of our Education Service.

Politically, QCampus political meetings inform members about their political situation and help them to find ways to end discrimination in government as well as in society in general. QCampus provides opportunities for our members to campaign for human rights equality. We also offer political awareness for the general student population through various outreach activities and events.

Finally, we produce social events because it is fun to get together with a group of people where you know you can be yourself. And because it's no fun to be anti-social. C'mon, we're in university, after all! Choose from the activities that interest you.


What is it like to be out on campus? Do you get treated badly because you are gay?

The environment at the U of C is reasonably healthy. The U of C has a policy barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This applies to the whole campus, in the classroom and elsewhere. There is a Sexual Harassment Advisor to assist in solving disputes and to protect the right to be free of discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Housing Office is also helpful in making Rez a comfortable place to live for all. The Students' Union prohibits sexual orientation discrimination and has been supportive and fair. The Safewalk program is also available for anyone who feels uncomfortable walking around campus alone, although QCampus members have not reported an extra need for this service.

The QCampus office is in MSC 279R. Our relations with the other clubs are good; we are either friendly, or just naturally don't see each other much.

Please bring any homophobic incidents to our attention, and to the attention of the Sexual Harrassment Officer, Shirley Voyna Wilson, at University Counselling Services.


It's taken me a half hour just to read this far; every time someone walks past the computer I shut it off so people don't think I'm gay. I would like to come to a meeting, but I don't want the whole world to know about it. Will the entire population of the known universe be watching me as I enter the QCampus meeting?

No. This is a common misconception. It is, however, understandable that people may feel nervous about being associated with QCampus. We don't live in a perfectly open-minded universe. If you prefer, phone ahead and pick a time when fewer people are likely to be around the office. See also what our Privacy Policy


Is QCampus mostly for men or for women?

We have a good mix of both men and women.


I've been out for years. My family knows, my partner knows, I know, I can't remember who doesn't know. Why should I join QCampus?

QCampus exists to serve the whole community at the U of C. If you are already at ease with who you are, there are many reasons to join. The Library is starting to get some interesting material. The discussions in the office and in meetings are quality. Join our Speakers Group to improve your skill in public presentations. Or enjoy contributing as a volunteer for a group that is an important resource for many on campus.

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