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Internet Search Engines

One of the better platforms available for Internet searching is Proteus Search located at the Middletown Thrall Library - .
Proteus Internet Search Platform
Once the search words (separated by a space and no commas), or word strings (which need to be in quotation) are placed in the search window, a choice of 24 search engines and 5 metasearch engines are then available for a search. Each one, however, has different properties, and varying results may be explored so that, for one's purposes, the best search engines become known and more commonly used. When a search has been done on one search engine, the back button (one alternative being the "go" function on Netscape or Mozilla Browsers, and clicking on "Proteus") is used to return to the Proteus Search Platform, thus permitting the selection of another search engine. The search words remain in the search window and need not to be retyped as is the case when accessing search engines separately - without using such a platform.

The Two Best Search Engines

The Google search engine ( is likely the best search engine available. As with all search engines, however, not all web pages on the Internet are referenced. Google's reputation is based on the fact that it indexes the entire content of the listed web pages so that, for example, if the title of a known book is located anywhere within a web page, Google will locate this web page. For such searches, it is very important to place the full title of the book (e.g. "Stigma and Sexual Orientation: Understanding Prejudice against Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals": Search Results) - or a part of the full title (e.g. "Stigma and Sexual Orientation": Search Results) in quotations. In such cases, Google will prioritize the results, listing first the web pages where the word string is located the web page title. Most important, however, is that the Google search results most often include a short section of the text on the web pages where the searched word, words, word string, or word strings are located. Additional information related to searching with Google is available at - .

Google Search
AllTheWeb ( is similar to Google but search results will vary given that different search engines use different criteria for result placements and that the web pages indexed vary in different indexing systems. Some web pages may only be indexed in one search engine.
Fast Search
Please note, however, that "not all search engines" will code a word string when using quotation, and most search engines have an "Advanced Search Platform". Below is AltaVista's Advanced Search ( with functions that will limit one's search, thus more exactly focusing on the results sought, this including the omission of certain words:
Altavista Search
With AtlaVista, searches may begin as a "Simple / Basic Search" and Translations of web pages or text are available. The Babelfish translation may also be accessed separately:
AltaVista Simple Search
Babelfish Translation
Altavista Simple Search
Babelfish Translation

Other search engines may also be used (e.g. Lycos: Advance Search) - that is associated with AllTheWeb - Yahoo ( - MSN Search ( - AOL Search (External: (Internal: - and others, especially when the information sought was not located either in Google ( or AllTheWeb (, or when "All The Information Available on the Web" is sought:

Lycos Search
Yahoo Search
MSN Search
AOL Search

Meta Searches

Meta Search Engines query a number of search engines - most often five to 12 - at one time and report the results, and some of them will list the search engine source for the reported results. Others may not. Still others, for advertising reasons, will give priority to pages or search engines producing results not useful to individuals actually seeking a specific learning experience. It is therefore up to the individual to discover which meta search engines works best for their needs. A good meta search engine is Hotbot ( that is located on Proteus:

HotBot Meta-Search

Mamma & Beaucoup! Meta Search Engines

The Proteus Search Engine platform, however, does not include "Mamma," which also powers Beaucoup!.

Mamma Meta-Search
Beaucoup Meta-Search
In addition to being a good Meta Search engine, RoList provides and International Directory of Search Engines:
Rolist Meta-Search


1. Take some time to investigate all the types of searches and search engines listed by Proteus. Depending on your "search" needs, other search engines may produce better results than the ones produced by the above recommended engines.

2. Rankings in some search engines is often determined by the popularity of a page: how many other web pages have a link to the page. Therefore, a new - generally unknown - web page containing the information sought will therefore not show up near the top of your search results. It may be listed as 200th item in a search result listing.

3. A excellent article on Search Engines: "The Major Search Engines and Directories".

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