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C.A.S.P. Conference: 
Update 2000

The Update 2000 as made available at the 11th C.A.S.P. 2000 Conference in Vancouver, Canada: October 11-14. URLs added for this web page are in square brackets "[http://www....]". More than 300 copies made available. Title Page

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C.A.S.P. Conference: Update 2000
The Homosexuality Factor in Youth Suicide Problems

NOTE: This Update - and more - is available via the Home Pages listed below. Near top of page, click on "C.A.S.P. Conference: Update 2000" to access the Update web page and easy linking to all URLs given.  

New Internet Resources: - In addition to the Canadian (1996-2000) web site focused on GLB suicide problems (), and especially on GB males, a new European site - Gay and Bisexual Male Suicidality Studies (2000) - was launched at - [Note: This site was transferred to in 2003, and relinking on this page was done in 2006.) These information sites were made possible thanks to collaborations with Professor Richard Ramsay (University of Calgary) and Dr. Chris Bagley (University of Southampton).

At The UK Site: - The GLBTQ Education section was greatly expanded: More than 8,000 links to web pages and abstracts in 21 subject categories, and some subcategories! Bibliographies for each subject with links to abstracts, including dissertation abstracts, are available. The Education Section was developed for the many professionals who, over the years, stated that they did not have the time to seek out the specific and contextual knowledge required to understand sexual minority issues, nor the time / money to obtain the education generally missing from their more formal education. A great resource for all seeking knowledge! - This section is now located at the following locations: - and - - and the Internet Links Resources part of this recource is also located here:

Update: Gay / Bi / Lesbian / Queer Factor in Youth  Suicidality:

1. Many varied non-random (mostly U.S.) G[L]B community-based youth samples produced an average lifetime incidence of 30% for attempting suicide -  []. These results were often deemed "unreliable" and therefore somehow justified the continued indifference of most mainstream suicidologists and helping professionals with respect to GLBT youth problems such as dropping out of school, family problems, substance abuse, suicidality, etc.

2. From 1997 to 2000, more random samples - such as the YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Surveys) designed by the CDC - reported that 20 to 35 percent of GLB youth - forming about 4% of Grades 9 to 12 school population - are attempting suicide during any 12-month period. [ - and - .]

3. A comprehensive summary of the research data and the factors linked to gay / bisexual male youth suicidality is given by Tremblay and Ramsay (2000): "The Social Construction of Male Homosexuality and Related Suicide problems…" [with research proposals] - - and the updated version

4. The extremely important results of the Seattle (1995) [] and Oregon (1999) [] YRBS studies are given on 2 web pages. Students harassed because they are assumed to be homosexual / bisexual are at a greater risk for suicide behaviors in the past 12 months: Odds ratios of about 2.5 to 4 for attempting suicide, and 4 to 5 for a suicide attempt associated with "having received medical attention." The Seattle (1995) data indicates that heterosexual identified students harassed - as known GLB adolescents are known to be abused in schools - will have almost identical elevated suicide attempt rates as the ones reported for GLB identified adolescents. Therefore, the 'blame the victim' "lack of resiliency" paradigm may not apply here. Suicide behaviors may be the predictable result of anti-gay ABUSE expected in a society still "teaching" children to be highly homo-negative - to the point that some adolescents, upon recognizing their homosexual desires, turn their "learned" murderous hatred of designated "others" onto themselves and commit suicide. See the "Better to be Dead than Gay?" web page at - - or -

5. The basic results of more than 30 G[L]B suicidality studies are given "at a glance" on ONE web page: - and - .

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