Communications Studies 365.01:
Writing about the Fine Arts


  1. Course Outline

  2. Schedule

  3. Detailed Marking Code

  4. Background:

    George Orwell:Politics and the English Language
    Notes on Language

    The Arts as Modes of Communication
    The Rhetoric of the Popular Arts

    Being a Critic of the Arts
    Writing a Book Review
    A Few Words on Reviewing
    G.B. Shaw: How to become a Music Critic

  5. Course Materials:

    Writing about the Visual Arts: Painting
    Writing about a Performance (a): Drama
    Writing about a Performance (b): Music
    Writing about Movement: Dance
    Writing about Film

  6. Assignments

    Assignment No. 1
    Assignment No. 2
    Assignment No. 3
    Assignment No. 4

  7. Supplementary Materials

    A Guide to Rhetorical Analysis
    Suggestions for Writing Effectively

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