Communications Studies 441:
Cultural Studies in Communications


  1. Course Outline

  2. Schedule

  3. Human Inquiry and the Social Sciences

  4. Background:

    Human Communication in the Critical Theory Tradition
    Human Communication in the British Cultural Studies Tradition

  5. Notes on and Synopses of Selected Readings:

    Raymond Williams, Society and Culture
    Roland Barthes, The Rhetoric of the Image
    Stuart Hall, Encoding and Decoding
    Richard Dyer et al., Soap Opera and Women
    Janice A. Radway, Reading Reading the Romance
    Erica Carter, Alice in the Consumer Wonderland
    Ken Plummer, A Sociology of Stories
    Edward Said, Orientalism
    Nicholas Garnham, The Cultural Industries
    Fredric Jameson, Postmodernism and Consumer Society

  6. Supplementary Notes: Elements of Semiology

  7. Major Assignment: Research Paper

  8. A Guide to the Presentation of Research

  9. Detailed Marking Code

  10. Preparing for the Final Exam

  11. Cultural StudiesResources

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