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Jeremy Bau    BHSc 2010
University of Calgary

Current Gig:
MSc Program, In Progress
Department of Chemistry
University of Alberta
National Inst. Nanotechnology
Edmonton AB
Phone: 780-641-1743

BHSc, Biomedical 2010
University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta

Jason Lang Scholarship (2007)
Univ. Calgary Undergraduate Merit Awards (2007, 2008)
Alberta Heritage Foundation Summer Studentships (2007, 2008)
Louise McKinney Scholarship (2008)
Univ. Calgary Board of Governors Scholarship (2008)

Research Focus: Ionic mechanisms of rebound discharge in Deep Cerebellar Nuclei
Approach: I use patch clamp recordings in vitro to determine the contribution of ion channels to the generation of rebound burst responses in Deep Cerebellar Nuclear cells
Preparations: In vitro slice preparation
Below are short summaries of my projects published from the lab.
Biocytin-filled DCN neuron and MAP-2 labeled dendritic processes

Model - Deep nuclear neurons
    Deep nuclear neurons represent the final output of cerebellum after integrating afferent excitatory pontine inputs and inhibitory input from cerebellar cortical Purkinje cells. These cells spontaneously discharge at rest but can respond to Purkinje cell inhibition with a transient rebound burst discharge. My project involves the use of patch clamp recordings and stimulation of synaptic inputs to understand the mechanisms of burst output.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Zuccolo, J., Bau, J., Childs, S.J., Goss, G.G., Sensen, C.W. et al. Phylogenetic analysis of the MS4A and TMEM176 gene families. PLoS ONE 5(2): e9369.

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