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Giriraj Sahu - Postdoctoral Fellow 2015 -  

- BSc Zoology, Khallikote Autonomous College, India 2005
- MSc Biotechnology, Ravenshaw University, India 2007
- PhD Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India 2013
- Postdoctoral Fellow:
Leibniz Inst. Neurobiology, Germany, 2014

Hotchkiss Brain Institute
Health Research Innovation Center (HRIC) 1B42A
University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta Canada T2N 4N1
Phone: 403-220-8451    FAX: 403-210-7446

2007 - 2013
PhD Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Supervisor: A.K. Bera
PhD: Connexin- and pannexin gap junctions

2013 -2014
Postdoctoral Fellow
Leibniz Inst. Neurobiology,
Magdeburg, Germany
Supervisor: M. Kreutz
Project: Calcium binding proteins and ligand gated receptors

2015 -
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Supervisor: Ray W Turner
Project: Activation of IKCa channels and the sAHP in CA1 pyramidal cells

Special Courses
Synapse dynamics in circuit formation, learning and disease, Villa Vigoni, Lago di Como, Italy, 2014
Workshop on Computational Methods in Neuroscience, Univ. Lethbridge, Campus Alberta Neuroscience, 2015
Canadian Light Microscopy Course, Calgary, Alberta, 2017

DBT-JRF Fellowship, Ministry of Science and Technology Govt. of India, 2007
Travel Grant, Indian Inst. Technology, Madras India, 2011


DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship, German Academic Exchange Service, 2013
Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellowship, VPR Office University of Calgary, 2015
Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2016

Research Focus: Define the nature of calcium-calmodulin interactions that drive activation of IKCa (KCa3.1) channels and the sAHP in hippocampal pyramidal cells
Approach: Electrophysiology, molecular biology, imaging, pharmacology, computational (Matlab)
Preparations: Expression systems, in vitro slice and cultured cell preparations
Below are short summaries of my publications.
IKCa channels are a major determinant of the CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cell sAHP

Mechanisms for activating IKCa channels and the sAHP of CA1 pyramidal cells
   CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells exhibit a slow AHP of seconds duration that involves the activation of an intermediate conductance calcium-gated potassium channel (IKCa, KCa3.1) (King et al., 2015). My work uses patch clamp electrophysiology of cDNA constructs transiently expressed in tsA-201 cells and recordings in CA1 pyramidal cells to identify the calcium sources that underlie the unique characteristics of the sAHP.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sahu BS*, Mohan J*, Sahu G*, Singh PK, Sonawane PJ, et al. (2012) Molecular interactions of the physiological anti-hypertensive peptide catestatin with the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. J Cell Science 125: 2323-2337. * Equal contributions.

Sahu BS, Obbineni JM, Sahu G, Allu PK, Subramanian L, et al. (2012) Functional genetic variants of the catecholamine-release-inhibitory peptide catestatin in an Indian population: allele-specific effects on metabolic traits. J Biological Chemistry 287: 43840-43852.

Swain SM, Parameswaran S, Sahu G, Verma RS, Bera AK (2012) Proton-gated ion channels in mouse bone marrow stromal cells. Stem Cell Research 9: 59-68.

Sahu G, Bera AK (2013) Contribution of intracellular calcium and pH in ischemic uncoupling of cardiac gap junction channels formed of connexins 43, 40, and 45: a critical function of C-terminal domain. PLoS One 8: e60506.

Sahu G, Sukumaran S, Bera AK (2014) Pannexins form gap junctions with electrophysiological and pharmacological properties distinct from connexins. Scientific Reports 4:4955.

Priya MK, Sahu G, Soto-Pantoja DR, Goldy N, Sundaresan AM, et al. (2015) Tipping off endothelial tubes: nitric oxide drives tip cells. Angeogenesis 18: 179-89.

Turner, R.W., Asmara, H., Engbers, J.D.T., Miclat, J., Rizwan, A.P., Sahu, G., and Zamponi, G.W. (2016) Assessing the role of IKCa channels in generating the slow AHP of CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells. Channels 10(4): 313-319. Link

Asmara, H., Ileana M., Rizwan, A.P., Sahu, G., Simms, B.A., Zhang, F-X, Engbers, J.D.T., Stys, P.K., Zamponi, G.W., and Turner, R.W. (2017) A T-type channel-calmodulin complex triggers alpha-CaMKII activation, Molecular Brain, 10:37. PDF.

Sahu, G., Asmara, H., Zhang, F-X, Zamponi, G.W. and Turner, R.W. (2017) Activity-dependent facilitation of CaV1.3 calcium channels promotes KCa3.1 activation in hippocampal neurons. J. Neuroscience. 37(46):11255-11270. PDF

Key Abstracts / Presentations

Sahu G, Bera AK (2011) Effect of ischemia on cardiac gap junctions. International Gap Junction Conference, Ghent, Belgium, Aug. 6-11, 2011.

Sahu BS, Mohan J, Sahu G, Sonawane PJ, Sasi BK, Singh PK, Maji SK, Bera AK, Senapati S, Mahapatra NR (2011) Structural and functional characterization of polymorphisms in the physiological anti-hypertensive peptide Catestatin. World Congress Human Proteomic Organization, 2011.

Sahu G, Bera AK (2013) Pannexin 1 and Pannexin 3 form functional gap junctions in cell specific manner with electrophysiological and pharmacological properties distinct from connexin gap junction. Int. Gap Junction Conf., 2013.

Grochowska KM, Baer J, Sahu G, Kreutz MR (2015) Amyloid-β-induced NMDA-receptor signalling to the nucleus. German Neurosci. Soc., 2015.

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