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Tom Seredynski

Tom Seredynski,  
BSc Neuroscience,
University of Calgary
Hotchkiss Brain Institute
Health Research Innovation Center (HRIC) 1B42A
University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta Canada
T2N 4N1
Phone: 403-220-8451
FAX: 403-210-7446

BSc Neuroscience 2013
University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta


Research Focus: The Cav3-KCa3.1 signaling complex and spike output
Approach: I use patch clamp recordings in vitro to determine the ability for a novel Cav3-IKCa complex to modulate the excitability and signal processing in central neurons
Preparations: In vitro slice preparation, voltage clamp, neurophysiology
Below are short summaries of my projects published from the lab.
Charybdotoxin slows the rate or repolarization of the parallel fiber-evoked EPSP A Cav3-IKCa interaction modulates cell excitability
   A recent study revealed that the intermediate conductance KCa channel (KCa3.1) is expressed in Purkinje cells and is linked to Cav3.2 T-type calcium channels, allowing KCa3.1 to be activated during the parallel fiber EPSP and generate an AHP that suppresses temporal summation of low frequency EPSPs (see Engbers et al. (2012)). My work involves extending this study to examine the extent to which this interaction can modulate excitability in other central neurons.


King, B., Teves, M., Seredynski, T., Kruskic, M., Asmara, H., Engbers, J.D.T., Hameed, S., Zamponi, G.W. and Turner, R.W. Expression pattern of the intermediate conductance Ca-activated K channel in the CNS. Can. Assoc. Neurosci., 2013.

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