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Charmarine Szalay

Charmaine Szalay,  BSc Health Science, Mount Royal University
PhD Student,
Dept. Neuroscience, 2016 -

Hotchkiss Brain Institute
Health Research Innovation Center (HRIC) 1B42A
University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta Canada
T2N 4N1
Phone: 403-220-8451

BSc 2016
Mount Royal University
Calgary Alberta Canada

Special Courses
2017 Canadian Light Microscopy Course

2012 A Rutherford Scholarship
2013-2015 Jason Lang Scholarship

PhD 2016 -
2017 Harley Hotchkiss Graduate Studentship

Research Focus: The role of a Cav3-calmodulin signaling pathway in long-term potentiation in cerebellar Purkinje cells
Approach: I use patch clamp recordings in vitro to determine the ability for a novel Cav3- to control long-term excitability in cerebellar Purkinje cells
Preparations: In vitro slice preparation, expression system, protein biochemistry, voltage clamp
Below is a summary of the project my work will build upon in cerebellar Purkinje cells.
A Mossy fiber LTP reduces IA to potentiate burst output from cerebellar granule cells

Long-term potentiation at the paralled fiber-Purkinje cell synapse
   Short bursts of parallel fiber synaptic inputs to Purkinje cells signal the occurrence of meaningful sensory input from the periphery that can exhibit long-term potentiation. It is known that LTP of parallel fiber input can reflect a Cav3 (T-type) calcium channel-mediated process. My work will explore the extent to which this incorporates a novel Cav3-calmodulin interaction we recently reported (Asmara et al. 2016).

Peer-reviewed Publications


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