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Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Fellowship Winners

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Submitted by Richard Zach on Thu, 04/03/2008 - 4:56pm

Ok, that was faster than I expected: The winners of the Kurt Gödel Centenary Research Fellowships have been announced. They are:

Pre-doctoral category

  • David Fernández Duque (Stanford): Non-deterministic semantics for dynamic topological logic
  • Pavel Hrubeš (Czech Academy of Sciences): On lengths of proofs in non-classical logics

Post-doctoral category

Senior category

All great logicians, with great projects. Congratulations!

All applicants submitted papers on their research projects. Papers by the winners (and the finalists) will shortly appear in a special issue of the Annals. There will be a colloquium honoring the winners on April 27 (the eve of Kurtele's 101st birthday)