The Buffeting of Christ

Team Members: Tina Arndt, Geoff Mackenzie, Ian Samuels,Marni Suey and Dave Teeuwen.

This play, written by the so-called "Wakefield Master," explores the persecution of Jesus Christ by both commoners (tortores) and chief priests (Cayaphas and Annas).


Ineip coliphizacio

primus tortor
DO Jo furth Jo: and trott on a pase
To anna will we go: and ser cayphas
wit thou well of thaym two: gettys thou no grace
Bot euerlastyng wo: for trespas thou has
----------So mekill
Thi mys is more // thou euer gettys thou grace fore
Thou has [inserted word] ay whore // Full fals and full fekyll

secundus tortor
It is wonder to dre: thus to be gangyng
We haue had for the: mekill hart stangyng
Bot at last shall we be: out of hart langyng
Be thou haue had ij or thre: hetys worth a hangyng
----------No wonder
Sich wyes can thou make // gar the people Farsake
Oure lawes and thyne take // thus art thou broght in blonder

primus tortor
Thou can not say agaynt : If thou be trew
Som men holdys the sant: and that shall thou rew
Fare wordys can thou paynt: and lege lawes new

secundus tortor
Now be ye ataynt: for we will persew
---------- On this mater
Many wordys has thou saide // Of which we ar not well payde
As good that thou had // halden still thi clater

primus tortor
It is better syt still: then rise vp and fall
Thou has long had thi will: and made many brall
At the last wold thou spill: and for do vs all
If we dyd neuer yll secundus tortor I trow not he shall
----------Indure itt
For if other men ruse hym // we shall accuse hym
his self shall not excuse hym // To you I insure it
with no legeance:

primus tortor
fayn wold he wynk
Els falys his covntenance: I say as I thynk

Secondus tortor
he has done vs greuance: therfor shall he drynk


haue he mekill myschaunsce: that has gart vs swynke / In walkyng
That vnneth may I more

primus tortor
Peas man we are thore
I shall walk in before
----------And tell of his talkyng
haill syrs as ye sytt: so worthi in wonys
whi spyrd ye not yit: how we haue farne this onys

secundus tortor
Sir we wold fayn witt: all wery ar oure bonys
We haue had a fytt : right yll for the nonys
---------- So tarid

Say were ye oght adred // were ye oght wrang led
Or in any strate sted // Syrs who was myscaryd

Say were ye oght in dowte: for fawte of light
As ye wached ther owte:

primus tortor
sir as I am true knyght
Of my dame Sen I sowked: had I neuer sich a nyght
Myn een were not lowked: to geder right
Sen morowe
Bot yit I thynk it well set // Sen we with this tratoure met
Sir this is he that forfett // And done so mekill sorow

Can ye hym oght apeche: had he any ferys

Secondus tortor
he has bene for to preche: full many long yeris
And the people he teche: a new law

primus tortor
syrs heris
As far as his witt reche: many oone he lerys
----------when we toke hym
We faunde hym in a yerde // Bot when I drew out my swerde
his dyscypyls wex ferde // And soyn thay forsoke hym

secundus tortor
Sir I hard hym say he cowthe dystroew: oure tempyll so gay
Oure tempyll so gay: and sithen beld a new: on the thrid day

how myght that be trew: it toke more aray
The masons I knewe: that hewed it I say
----------so wyse
That hewed ilka stone

primus tortor
A good ser let hym oone
he lyes for the guetstone
----------I gyf hym the pryce

secundus tortor
The halt rynes the blynd sees: thrugh his fals lyes
Thus he gettys many fees: of thym he begyles


He rases men that dees: thay seke hym be myles
And euer thrugh his soceres: oure sabate day defyles
---------- Euermore ser

secundus tortor
This is his vse and his custom // To heyll the defe and the dom
Where so euer he com // I tell you before ser

Men call hym a prophete: and godys son of heuen
He wold fayn downe bryng: oure lawes bi his steuen

Yit is ther anothere thyng: that I hard hym neuen
He settys not a fle wyng: bi ser cesar full euen
----------He says thus
Sir this same is he // that excusyd with his sotelte
A woman in a vowtre // Full well may ye trust vs

Sir lazare can he rase: that men may persaue
When he had lyne four dayes: ded in his graue
All men hym prase: both mastor and knaue
Such wych craft he mase:

secundus tortor
If he abowte waue
---------- Any langere
His warkys may we ban // For he has turned many man
Sen the tyme he began // And done vs great / hangere

He will not leyfe yit /: thof he be culpabyll
Men call hym a ∝hete: a lord full renabyll
Sir cayphas bi my wytt /: he shuld be dampuabill
Bot wold ye two as ye sytt /: make it ferme and stabyll
---------- To geder
For ye two as I traw // may defende all oure law
That mayde vs to you draw // And bryng this losell heder

secundus tortor
Sir I can tell you before: as myght I be maryd
If he reyne any more: oure lawes ar myscaryd

primus tortor
Sir opposed if he wore: he shuld be fon waryd
That is well seyn thore: where he has long tarid
---------- And walkyd
he is sowre lottyn // Ther is somwhat forgottyn
I shall thryng out the rottyn // Be we haue all talkyd

Now fare myght you fall /: for youre talkyng
For certys I my self shall: make examynyng
harstow harlott of all: of care may thou syng


How durst thou the call: aythere em&peroure or kyng / I do fy the
what the dwill doyst thou here // Thi dedys will do the dere
Com nar and rowne in myn eeyr // Or I shall astry the
Illa hayll was thou borne: harke says he oght agane
This is a great skorne: and a fals trane
Now wols hede and out horne: on the be tane
---------- Vile fature
Oone worde myght thou speke ethe // yit myght It do the dom letht
Et omnis qui tacet // hic consentire videtur
Speke on oone word: right / in the dwyllys name
where was thi syre at bord: when he met &with; thi dame
what nawer bowted ne spurd: and a lord of name
Speke on in a torde: the dwill gif the shame
---------- Sir sybre
perde if thou were a kyng // yit myght thou be ridyng
Fy on the fundlyng // Thou lyfys bot bi brybre
Lad I am a prelate a lord in degre
Syttys in myn astate: as thou may se
Knyghtys on me to wate: in dynerse degre
I myght thole the abate: and knele on thi kne
---------- In my present
As euer syng I mes // whoso kepis the law I gess
He gettys more by purches // Then bi his fre rent
The dwill gif the shame: that euer I knew the
Nather blynde ne lame: will none &per;sew the
Therfor I shall the name: that ever shall rew the
Kyng copyn in oure game: thus shall indew the
---------- For a fatur
Say dar thou not speke for ferde // I shrew hym the lerd
Weme the dwillys durt in thi berd // Vyle fals tratur
Though thi lyppis be stokyn: yit myght thou say mom
Great wordys has thou spokyn: thou was thou not dom
Be It hole worde or brokyn: com owt with som
Els on the I shalle wrokyn: of thi ded com
---------- All outt


Aythere has thou no witt // Or els ar thyn eres dytt
Why bot herd thou not yit / / So I cry and I showte

A [sir] be not yll payde : though he not answere
He is inwarldly slayde : not right in his gere

No bot the word[ys] he has saide : doth my hart great dere

Sir yit may ye be dayde :

nay whils I lif nere

Sir amese you

Now fowll myght hym befall

Sir ye ar vexed at all
And [perd]auentur he shall
We may bi oure law : examyn hym fyrst

Bot I gif hym a blaw : my hart will brist

Abyde to ye his purpose knaw :

nay bott I shall out thrist
Both his een on a raw :

[Sir] ye will not I tryst
---------- Be so vengeabyll
Bot let me oppose hym

I pray you and sloes hym

Sir we may not lose hym
---------- Bot we were dampnabill

he has adyle his ded : a kyng he hym calde
War let me gyrd of his hede :

I hope not ye wold
Bot [sir] do my red : youre worship to hald

Shall I neu[er] ete bred : to that he be stald
---------- In the stokys

Sir speke soft and styll
Let vs do as the law will

Nay I my soth shall hym kyll br> And murder with knokys

Sir thynk ye that ye ar : a man of holy kyrk
ye shuld be oure techere : me kenes to wyrk

yei bot all is out of har : and that shall he yrk

All soft may men go far : oure fawes ar not myrk
---------- I weyn
Youre wod[ys] word[ys] ar bustus
Et hor nos volumnus
Qued de Iure possumus
---------- ye wote what I meyn
It is best that we trete hym . With sarenes

We nay


And so myght we gert hym : Som word for to say

War let me bott hym :

Syr do away
For if ye thus thrett hym : he spekys not this day
---------- Got herys
Wold ye sesse and abyde // I shuld take hym on syde
And inquere of his pryde // how he oure folke lerys

he has rnyd ouer lang : with his fals lyys
And done mekyll wrang : Sir cesar he defyes
Therfor shall I hym hang : or I vp ryse

Sir the law will not he gang : on nokyn wyse
---------- Vndemyd
Bot fyrst wold I here // What he wold answere
Bot he dyd any dere Why shuld he be stemyd
And therfor examynyng : Fyrst will I make

---------- bot he that forsake
I shall gyf hym a wryng : that his nek shall crak -

Syr ye may not hym dyng : no word yit he spake
---------- That I wyst
Hark felow com nar // Wyll thou neu[er] be war
I haue mernell thou dar Thus do thyn awne lyst
Bot I shall do as the law wyll : if the people ruse the
Say dydthou aght this yll : can thou oght excuse the
Why stand[ys] thou so styll : when men thus accuse the
For to hyng on a hyll : hark how thay ruse the
---------- To dam
Say art thou god[ys] son of heuen // As thou art wonte for to neuen

So thou says by thy steuen // And right so I am
For aft[er] this shall thou se : When that do com downe
In brightnes on he : in clowdys from aboue

A ill myght the seete be : that broght the to towne
Thou ar worthy to de : say these where is thi crowne

---------- Abyle [sir]
let vs lawfully redres

We nede no wytnes
Hys self says expres
---------- Whi shuld I not chyd [sir]

Was ther neuer man so wyk bot he myght amende
When it com to the pryk right as youre seth kend


Nay ser but I shall hym styk: euen with myn awne hend
For if he rene and he whyk: we ar at an end
---------- All sam
Therfor whils I am in this br'eth'e // let / me put hym to d'eth'

Sed nobis non licet // Interficere quemquam
Sir ye wote better then I : we shuld slo no man

his dedys I defy; : • his warkys may we ban
Therfor shall he by:

nay on oder wyse than
And do it lawfully:

as how

tel you I [c]an

let se

Sir take tent to my sawes // Men of temperall lawes
Thay may deme sich; cause // And so may not / we

My hart is full cold : nerehand that I swelt
For talys that ar told : I bolne at my belt
Vnethes may it hold : my body and ye it felt
yit would I gif of my gold : yond tratoure to pelt
---------- For euer

Good ser do as ye hett me

Whi shall he ouer sett me
ser Anna if ye lett me
----------ye do not youre deuer

Sir ye ar a prelate :

so may I well seme
My self if I say it:

be not to breme
Sich men of astate : shuld no men deme
bot send them to pilate : the temperall law to yeme
---------- has he
he may best threte hym // And all to rehete hym
It is shame you to bete hym // Therefor ser let be

Fy on hym and war : I am oute of my gate
say why standys he so far :

sir he cam bot late

No bot I haue knyghtys that dar : rap h[ym] on the pate

ye ar bot to skar : good ser abate
And here
what n[ed]ys [yo]u to chyte // what nedys you to fly[te]
If ye yond man smyte // ye [ar] irregulere

he that fyrst made me clerk : and taght me my lare
On bookys for to barke the [d]will gyf hym care


A good ser hark : sich wordys myght ye spare

[e]ls myght I haue made vp wark : of yond harlot and mare
[B]ot certys or he hens yode // It wold do me som good
To se knyghtys knok his hoode // with knokys two or thre
For sen he has trespast : and broken oure law
Let, vs make hym agast : and set hym in awe

ser as ye haue hast : it shalle I traw
Com and make redy fast : ye knyghtys on a raw
---------- youre arament
And that kyng to you take // And with knockys make hym wake

yei syrs and for my seke // Gyf hym good payment:
For if I myght go with you : as I wol[d] that I myght
I shuld make myn avowe : that ons or mydnyght
I shuld make his heede sow : wher that I hyt right

primus tortor
Sir dred you not now : of this cursed wight
For we shall so rok hym // and w'ith' buffettys knok hym

And I red that ye [lo]k hym // that he r[y]n not away
For I r[e]&d; not we mete : if that lad skap

Sir o[n] us [b]e it bot we clowt well his kap

wold ye do as ye heytt : it w[e]r[e] a fayr hap

primus tortor
Sir see ye and sytt : how that we hym knap
----------Done Feste
Bot or we go to this thyng // Sayn us lord with thy ryng

Now he shall haue my blyssyng // that knokys hym the best

Go we n[o]w to oure noyte : wi'th' this fond foyll

primus tortor
we shall teche hym I wote : a new play of yoyll
And hold hym [...] full hote : [fraward] a stoyll
[G]o fet'ch' [vs]

we dote [:] now els were it doyll
----------And [Vunnett]
For the wo that he shall dre // let hym knele on his kne

And so shall he for me // Go fet'ch'e vs a light b[ryght]

why must he sytt soft : with a m[e]kill myschaunce
That has tenyd vs thus oft :

primus tortor
sir we [d]o [...] for a [sk]awnce
If he [st]ode vp'on l'oft we must hop and dawnse


As co kys in a croft:

Now a veniance
---------- Com on hym
Good skill can ye shew // As fell I the dew
haue this bere it shrew // For sayn shall we fon hym

secundus tortor
Com ser and syt downe: must ye be prayde
lyke a lord of renowne: youre sete is arayde

primus tortor
We shall preue on his crowne: the wordys he has sayde

secundus tortor
Ther is none in this towne: I trow be ill payde
---------- Of his sorow
Bot the fader that hym gate

primus tortor
Now for oght that I wate
All his kyn commys to late
---------- his body to borow

secundus tortor
I wold we were on warde

primus tortor
bot his son must be hyd

secundus tortor
yet bot thay be well spard: we loft that we dyd
Step furth thou froward:

what is now betyd

primus tortor
Thou art euer away ward:

haue ye none to byd

---------- Bot me
I may syng ylla hayll

secundus tortor
Thou must get vs a vayll

ye ar euer in oone tayll

primus tortor
Now ill myght thou the
well had thou name: for thou was euer curst

Sir I myght say the same: to you if I durst
yit my hyer may I clame: no penny I purst
I haue had mekyll shame: hunger and thrust
---------- In youre seruyce

primus tortor
Not oone word so bold

Why it is trew that I told
Fayn preue it I wold

secundus tortor
---------- Thou shalbe cald to peruyce

Here a vayll haue I fon: I trow it will last

primus tortor
Bryng it hyder good son: that is it that I ast

How shuld it be bon

secundus tortor
/ abowte his heade cast

primus tortor
yei and when it is well won: knyt a knot fast
---------- I r[..]d

Is it weyll

secundus tortor
yei knaue

What weyn ye that I rafe
Cryst curs myght he haue
---------- That last bond his head

primus tortor
Now sen he is blynfeld I fall to begyn


And thus was I counseld: the mastry to wyn

secundus tortor
Nay wrang has thou teld: thus shuld thou com in

I stode and beheld: thou towchid not the skyn
---------- Bot fowll

primus tortor
how will then I do

secundus tortor
On this manere lo

yei that was well gone to
---------- Ther start vp a cowll

primus tortor
Thus shall we hym refe: all his fonde talys

secundus tortor
Ther is noght in thi nefe: er els thi hart falys

I can my hand vp hefe: and knop out the skalys

primus tortor
Godys forbot ye lefe: bot set in youre nalys
---------- On raw
So vp and prophecy

Bot make vs no ly

secundus tortor
Who smote the last

primus tortor
was it I

---------- he wote not I traw

primus tortor
Fast to ser cayphas: go we togeder

secundus tortor
Ryse vp with ill grace: so com thou hyder

It semys by his pase: he groches to go thyder

primus tortor
We haue gyfen hym a glase: ye may conssyder
---------- To kepe

secundus tortor
Sir for his great boost // with knokys he is indoost /

In fayth ser we had almost // knokyp hym on slepe

Now sen he is well bett: weynd on youre gate
And tell ye the forfett / : vn i ser pylate
For he is a juge sett: emang men of state
And looke that ye not let:

primus tortor
Com furth old crate
---------- Be lyfe
we shall lede the a trott

ijus tortor
lyft thy feete may thou not

Then nedys me do nott
---------- Both com after and dryfe

Alas now take I hede

why mowrne ye so

For I am euer in drede: wandreth and wo
lest pylett for mede: let ihs go
Bot had I slayn hym in dede: with thise handys two
---------- At onys
All had bene gwytt than
Bot gyftys marres many man
Bot he deme the sothe than
---------- The dwill haue his bonys


Sir anna all I wyte you this blame: for had ye not beyn
I had mayde hym full tame: yei stykyd hym I weyn
To the hart full wan: with this dagger so keyn

Sir you must shame: sich wordys for to meyn
---------- Emang men

I will not dwell in this stede
Bot spy how thay hym lede
And persew on his dede
---------- Fare well we gang men

Explicit coliphizacio