The Creation/Creatio

Transcription by Dave Teeuwen.

This play is the first in the Wakefield cycle. As in many of the cycle's plays, God is a character in the play. Also of note is the inclusion of numbers in the margins of the manuscript. We have made an attempt to reproduce them as faithfully as possible in this text.


13 2

IN dei uoie ibney Allit principio ica maria inco Wakefeld

Ego sum alpha et o : I am the first the last also : Oone god in mageste
Meruelus of myght most :- ffader & son & holy goost : On god in tryte
I am without begynnyng Darke
My god hede hath none endyng
---------- I am god in trone 13 1/2 : 35
Oone god in p[er]sons thre P : 35
Which may neu[er]twynnyd be
----- ffor I am god alone
All maner thyng is in my thoght
withoutten me ther may be noght
---------- ffor all is in my sight
hit shall be done after my will
that I haue thoght I shall fulfill
---------- And manteyn w[ith] my myght
At the begynnyng of oure dede
make we heuen & erth on brede
---------- and lyght[ys] fayre to se
ffor it is good to be so
darknes from light we parte in two
---------- In tyme to serue and be
Darknse call the myght
and lith also the bright
---------- It shall be as I say
after my will this is furth broght
euen and morne both ar thay wroght
---------- and thus is maid a day
In medys the wat[er] bi oure assent
be now maide the firmament
---------- And parte ather from othere
Wat[er] aboue I wis
Euen and morne maide is this
---------- A day [ ? ] the tothere
Waters that so wyde ben spred
be gedered to ged[er] in to one stede
---------- that dry the erth may seym
that at is dry the erth shall be
the water also I call the see
---------- this warke to me is queme
Out of the erth herbys shal spryng
Trees to florish and frute furth bryng
---------- thare kynde that it be kyd
This is done after my will
Even & morn maide is ther till
---------- A day this is the thyrd
Son & moyne set in the heuen
With starnes and the planett[ys] seuen
---------- To stand in thare degre
The son to [ser]ue the day lyght
The moyne also to [ser]ue the nyght
---------- The fourte day shall this be
The wat[er] to norish the fysh swymand
The erth to norish best[ys] crepeand
---------- That fly or go may
Multiplye in erth and be
In my blyssyng wax now y ye
---------- This is the fyft day


Oure lord god in trynyte :- Myrth and lovyng be to the /
Myrth and lovng ou[er] al thyng :- ffor thou has nade with thi bidyng / hir deus
Heuen & erth and all that is :- and gissen Ioy that neu[er] shall mys / recedit a suo
Lord thou art full mych of myght:- that has maide lucifer so bright / solio & lucif[re]
We loue the lord bright ar we :- bot none of vs so bright as he / sedebit in
he may well hight lucifere :- ffor lufly light that he doth bere eod solio
he is so lufly and so bright :- It is grete ioy to se that sight /
We lofe the lord w[ith] all oure thoght :- that sich thyng can make of noght /

Cert[ys] it is a semely sight
Syn that we ar all angels bright
---------- and eu[er] in blis to be
If that ye will behold me right
---------- this mastre long[ys] to me
I am so fare and bright
of me comys all this light
---------- this gam and all this gle
Agans my grete myght
---------- may thyng stand then be
And ye well me behold
I am a thowsand fold
---------- bright[er] then is the son
my strengthe may not betold
---------- my myght may no thyng kon
In heuen therfor wit I wold
---------- A bave me who shuld won
ffor I am lord of bliss
ou[er] all this warld Iwis
---------- My myrth is most of all
therfor my will is this
---------- master y[e] [sh]all me call
And ye shall se se full sone onone
How that me semys to sit in trone
---------- as kyng of blis
I am so semely blode & bone
---------- my sete shall be ther as was his
Say felows how semys now me
To sit in seyte of trynyte
I am so bright of ich a lym
I trow me seme as well as hym

pimis angel & mal[ys]
Thou art so fayre vnto my syght :-/ thou semys well to sytt on hight
So thynke me that thou doyse

pim[ys] bon[ys] angel[ys]
I rede ye leyfe that vanys royse
ffor that seyte may nou angell seme :-/ So well as hym that all shall deme /

Scd[ys]s bon[ys] ang[el]
Now and bi oght that I can witt :-/ he semys full well theron to sytt
he is so fayre w[ith]outten les :-/ he semys full well to sytt on des
therfor felow hold thi peasse :-/ and vmbithynke what thou saysse /
he semys as well to sytt there :-/ as god hymself if he were here /

leyf felow thynk the not so /


Beginning of Page 3 -- Verso

pimis mal[ys] ang[el]
yee god wote so dos othere mo

pm[ys] bon[ys]
Nay forsoth so thynk not vs

Now therof a leke what rek[ys] vs
Syn I my self am so bright :- therfor will I take a flyght /
Tunc exi bunk de[s]ones clamande & dicit pimis

pimis demon
Alas alas and wel wo : lucifer whi fell thou so
We that were angels so fare :- and sat so hie aboue the ayere /
Now ar we waxe[n] blak as any coyll :- and vgly tatyrd as a foyll
What alyd the lucif[er] to fall :- was thou not farist of angels all
Brightist and best & most of luf
W[ith] god hym self that sytt[ys] aboyf
thou has maide [ ] there was X
thou art foull comyn from thi kyn
thou art fallen that was the teynd :- ffrom an angell to a feynd /
thou has vs doyne a vyle dispyte :-/ and broght thi self to sorow and sitt -/
Alas ther is noght [ ] els to say : bot we ar tynt for now and ay /

Secundus demo
Alas the ioy that [we] were In :-/ haue we lost for oure syn /
alas that eu[er] cam pride in thoght :- ffor it has broght vs all to noght /
We were in myrth and Ioy enoghe :- When lucif[er] to [pri]de drogh /
Alas we may warrie wikkyd [pri]de :-/ so may ye all that stand[ys] beside
We held with hym ther he saide leasse :-/ and therfor haue we all vnpeasse
Alas alas oure ioy is tynt :- we mon haue payne that neu[er] shall stynt /

Erthly best[ys] that may crepe and go
bryng ye furth and wax ye mo
---------- I se that it is good
---------- Et tanget eu[er]
now make we man to oure liknes
that shall be kep of more & les
---------- of fowles and fysh in flood
spreyte of life I in [the] blaw
good and ill both shall thou knaw
---------- rise vp and stand bi me
All that is in water or land
It shall bow vnto thi hand
---------- and sufferan shall thou be
I gif the witt I gif the strenght
of all thou sees of brede & lengthe
---------- thou shall be wond[er] wise
Myrth and ioy to haue at will
All thi likyng to fulfill
---------- and dwell in paradise
Thus I make thi wonnyng playce
ffull of myrth and of solace
---------- and I seasse the therin
It is not good to be alone
to walk here in the worthely wone
---------- In all this welthly wyn
therfor a rib I from the take
therof shall be thi [m]ake
---------- And be to thi helpyng
Ye both to gouerne that here is
and eu[er]more to be [in] blis
--------- ye wax in my blyssyng
ye shall haue joye [ ] blis therin : / while ye will dwill kepe yon out of syn : / I say w[ith]out lese /


In dei

Beginning of Page 4 -- Verso

Ryse vp myn angell cherubyn
Take and leyd theym both in
---------- And leyf them there in peasse /
Tunc capit cherubyn adm [per] mann & dicit eis duo /
Here thou adam and eue thi wife
I forbede you the tre of life
And I co[m]mannd that it be gat :-/ take which ye will bot negh not that /
Adam if thou breke my rede :- thou shall dye a dulfull dede /

Oure lord oure god thi will be done :-/ I shall go w[ith] theym full sone /
ffor soth my lord I shall not sted :-/ till I haue theym thed[er] led
We thank the lord with full good chere :-/ that has maide man to be oure seere /
Com furth adam I shall the leyd :- take tent to me I shall the reyd /
I rede the thynk how thou art wroght :- and luf my lord in all thi thoght /
That has maide the thrugh his will :-/ angels ordir to fulfill /
Many thyng[ys] he has the giffen :-/ and maide the master of all that liffen /
He has forbed the bot a tre :-/ look that thou let it be /
ffor if thou breke his co[m]manndment :-/ thou skapys not bot thou be shent /
Weynd here in to paradise :-/ and luke now that ye be wyse /
And kepe you well for I must go :- Vnto my lord ther I cam fro /

Almighty lord I thank it thee :-/ that is and was and shall be /
Of thi luf and of thi grace : / ffor now is here a mery place /
Eue my felow how thynk the this /

A stede methynk of ioye and bliss /
That god has giffen to the and me :-/ withoutten ende blissyd be we /

Eue felow abide me thore :-/ ffor I will go to viset more /
To se what trees that here been :-/ here ar well moo then we haue seen /
Gres[ys] and othere small floures :-/ that smell full swete of seyr coloures

Gladly s I will full fayne :- when ye haue sene theym com again /

Bot luke well eue my wife :-/ that th[e]re negh not the tree of life
ffor if thou do he bere ill paide:- then he wetynt as he has saide /

Go furth and play the all aboute :-/ I shall not negh it whils thou art oute
ffor be thou sekyr I will loth :-/ ffor any thyng that he were wr[oth]

Who wend eu[er] this tyme haue seyn : We that in sich myrth haue [s]eyn /
That we shuld suffre so mych wo :-/ who wold eu[er] trow it shuld be so
X orders in heuen were :-/ of angels that had offyce sere
Of ich order in thare degre :-/ the x parte fell downe with me
ffor thay held w[ith] me that tyde :-/ and mantenyd me in my [pri]de
Bot herkyns felows what I say :- the Ioy that we haue lost for ay
God has maide man w[ith] his hend : to haue that blis w[ith]outten en[d]
The ix ordre to fulfill : that after vs left sich is his will
And now ar thay in paradise :-/ bot thens thay shall if we be wise /