BP Canada Trading Competition October 5, 2019

Top Traders for 2019

  1. Caden Surbey
  2. Derick Or
  3. Jared Martell
  4. Amy Chen
  5. Lorenzo Bondad
  6. Brian Timmerman
  7. Amritpal Minhas
  8. Marvra Hussain
  9. Qi Li (Top Rookie)
  10. Tianyi Zhao

BP Canada Support

BP Canada assisted us with the competition. It provided food, as well as prizes for the top traders. This year, they awarded a prizs of $1000 for the top trader and $1000 prize for the top rookie. This latter prize brought out a strong cohort of rookies, whic is very encouraging.

This competition uses our Haskayne licence to the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) software to simulate trading environments in stocks, commodities, futures and derivatives. The RIT software also has extensions to trade physical goods (crude oil, gasoline) as well as the assets used to manage these physical goods (storage, refineries and pipelines).

BP Canada uses this software for their own in-house training of traders and is kindly supplying the Haskayne School with the funding to acquire a licence to use the RIT Software.

Competition was Open to All University of Calgary Students

The competition was sponsored by BP Canada and the Haskayne School of Business, but it was open, to any University of Calgary student. We had competitors from Haskayne, Engineering and several other Faculties.

BP Competition Cases and Support Documents

We ran the following four cases:

First Lab View
Top Traders and Top Rookie
Second Lab View
All Traders

Top Traders for 2018 Event

  1. Parminder Dhami (Now works at BP, so ineligible for prize)
  2. Micheal Ly, wins $1000 from BP
  3. Caden Surbey
  4. Lorenzo Bondad
  5. Alex Caya, Top Rookie wins $1000 from BP
  6. Mavra Hussain
  7. Brian Timmerman
  8. Dhruv Jindal
  9. Amy Chen
  10. Umair Raja

Top Rookies

Top Ten Traders for 2017 Event

  1. Tom Widdowson, wins $1000 from BP
  2. Joel Adams, wins $1000 from BP
  3. Brandon Hrycenko
  4. Ian McKenzie
  5. Shane Wilson-Murray
  6. Parminderpal Dhami (Top Rookie)
  7. Micheal Ly
  8. Ivan Steklov
  9. Lorenzo Bondad
  10. Bruce Levy

Top Ten Traders in 2016

  1. Joel Adams (wins $1000 from BP)
  2. Chase MacDougall (wins $1000 from BP)
  3. Tom Widdowson
  4. Kristen Campbell
  5. Ian McKenzie
  6. Brandon Hrycenko
  7. Felicia Specht
  8. Micheal Ly
  9. Ivan Kosivchenko
  10. Alfredo Bangloy

Top Ten Traders in 2015

  1. Joel Adams (wins $1000 from BP)
  2. Branden Lewis (wins $1000 from BP)
  3. Carter Ensign
  4. Ranjot Sandhu
  5. Tom Widdowson
  6. Yunlong Hou
  7. Felicia Specht
  8. Chase MacDougall
  9. Ian McKenzie
  10. Jingwen (Danica) Lu

Top Ten Traders in 2014

  1. Georg Jalkotzy ($1000 Scholarship)
  2. Yunlong Hou ($1000 Scholarship)
  3. Taylor Ronsky
  4. Brett Lomore
  5. Chase MacDougall
  6. Branden Lewis
  7. Felicia Specht
  8. Constantine Zakrasov
  9. Scott Woldum
  10. Ever Motis

Top Traders in 2013

  1. Taylor Ronsky ($1000 Scholarship)
  2. Jason Chen ($1000 Scholarship)
  3. Georg Jalkotzy
  4. Constantine Zakrasov
  5. Joel Carston
  6. Lisa Qiu
  7. Jason King
  8. Furla Lau
  9. Gabriel Fiorenzano
  10. Matthew Hlidek

Top Traders in 2012

  1. Jason Chen
  2. Murray MacKenzie
  3. Brett Borle
  4. Philippe Begin
  5. Bao Nguyen
  6. Esther Yang
  7. James Cook
  8. Olivia Cheng
  9. Andrij Boyko
  10. Allison Taylor