University of Calgary Haskayne Team Takes Second in the 2019 Rotman International Trading Competition

The Rotman International Trading Competion (RITC) hosted 52 teams from Feb 22-23, 2019 in Toronto. The University of Calgary earned a top-5 placement in all 6 of the trading cases (the first time it has happened at RITC), along the way to securing first place overall.

Note: If you are looking for the 2020 RITC page, go to the 2020 page.

Team Membership

The University of Calgary team this year consisted of the following undergraduate Haskayne students

The team was coached by George Hart, assisted by Gordon Sick and Parminder Dhami a veteran of earlier Haskayne Teams at RITC.

Rebuilding Year

The 2019 Haskayne team had 5 rookies and one veteran, Caden Surbey. Caden was the only rookie on the 2018 team, which placed first. Clearly, no momentum was lost in the rebuilding process.

Thanks to our Supporters and Volunteers

We are very grateful for the assistance of BP Canada in acquiring a licence to use the RIT Software for the October and November competitions and subsequent practice. All the top teams at RITC trained on this software prior to the competition, so having the software was critical to our success.

Gold Team At Haskayne Trading Post

The University of Calgary Gold Team at the Trading Post in Scurfield Hall.
Front (L to R): Caden Surbey, Mavra Hussain, Brian Timmerman
Rear (L to R): Coach George Hart, Jared Martell, Derick Or, Umair Raja, Assistant Coach Gordon Sick

A full-sized image is available here.

Team Practice Started in September 2018

Team selection started with the BP Canada Trading Competition that we held in the Haskayne School in September 2018. Practice continued weekly in the Murray Edwards Trading and Finance Lab. In November, we hosted the Western Invitational Trading Competition, which was a regional competition in which we competed against other Alberta schools. Red and Gold teams were selected in December 2018.

Results Over Time

University of Calgary teams have earned top-5 results (out of 52 teams) for each of the last 6 years, and top-3 results for each of the last 4 years.

To put this into a sports perspective, the National Hockey League has 30 teams, with 4 teams (13.3%) participating in the Conference Finals each year, and 2 teams (6.7%) participating in the Stanley Cup. By way of comparison, the top-5 results of the University of Calgary are the top 9.6%, and the top-3 results are the top 5.8%. If an NHL team makes the Conference Finals for 6 years straight, or the Stanley Cup finals for 4 years straight, it would be a regarded as a remarkable result. The University of Calgary teams have a better record than that.

Two Teams Selected, But Only One Could Go

We selected two teams for RITC 2019. After selecting our teams, we learned that the RITC competition only had room for one team, so, sadly, only the Gold team attended the Competition. But, several members of the Red team continued practicing with the Gold team to push them ahead.

Red Team