Every year, in the Winter Spring Break, the Haskayne School sends a team of 4-6 students to the Rotman Interactive Trading Competition (RITC) in Toronto. Recent results for the Haskayne Teams coached by Gordon Sick and George Hart:

The Haskayne teams work hard, practicing with case files on our own Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) server, and in the new year, they get a chance to practice against the international competitors. Team participation involves a siginificant commitment that conflicts with other significant commitments, like business teams and sports teams.

The RIT server case files can be configured to simulate trading in stocks, futures and derivatives. Traders must respond to information that arrives, special opportunities to make markets that they must win competitively. They trade against other teams as well as an anonymous market trader. The trading client software can interface with a spreadsheet, enabling real-time models to support trading decisions and even make trade decisions in the case of algorithmic trading.

The RITC Team was selected on the basis of trading performance and teamwork in weekly practices that commenced with the BP Canada Trading Competition on October 3, 2015. Our policy is that the team will consist of at least 4 Haskayne students, whose participation is funded by the Haskayne School. To round out the needs for algorithmic trading and a special commodity trading case with futures, physicals and pipeline, storage and refinery assets, we will consider adding students from Operations Management, Mathematics, Accounting and Economics. We are allowed to send a team of 6 students. For 2016, we applied to send two teams, but the competition was so popular that nobody was able to send two teams.

Our RITC 2014 team placed 5th out of 52 (L to R):
Professor Gordon Sick, Taylor Ronsky, Joel Carston, Furla Lau, Brian Ho, Georg Jalkotzy, Constantine Zakrasov. RITC 2014 Team

Our RITC 2013 team placed 10th out of 48 (L to R):
Bao Nguyen, Haley Thomson, Nicolle Rabiej, Murray MacKenzie, Allison Taylor, Professor Gordon Sick, Jason Chen. Haskayne RITC 2013 Team


The RITC people have created some videos of past events and posted them as follows:

I made a video of the Quantitative Event Driven (QED) case from RITC 2012. Upstairs, two team members receive news on their computers, which they signal down to their teammates on the floor, who trade on that information. Teams must stay within specified limits on their position to avoid penalties or disqualification. Some of the announcements are warning teams that they are close to a penalty or disqualification. Other outcries are offers to buy and sell the stock. The video requires a Quicktime Plugin in your browser.