lab EDI statement

Our research aims to generate meaningful insights regarding the impacts of anthropogenic stressors (including so-called invasive species) on biodiversity, especially threatened species and ecosystems.

Successfully achieving our goals will not be possible without the inclusion of people with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and ways of thinking and interacting with the natural world. Accordingly, we seek to recruit, support, and retain members from diverse backgrounds, with an active focus on folks from historically marginalized groups. We acknowledge that the sciences have not always been a welcoming space for everyone, and we actively work to create an inclusive environment. We also acknowledge that doing so is a lifelong journey, not a “one and done” item to be crossed off a checklist.

To that end, while I make an attempt to respond to all unsolicited inquiries from prospective graduate students, increasingly I will be purposely recruiting through the use of ads posted to various job boards (including CSEE and TAMU). I believe this leads to more equitable outcomes, relying less on networks and prior knowledge, while removing the mystery of project areas, appropriate coursework and research backgrounds, etc. Preference may still be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents, in part because of the relatively high costs (notably, but not exclusively, tuition) associated with being an International student.