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Meta-analysis is a long established method of mathematically summarizing research results. It is a developing field and we are improving our techniques constantly. There are several comprehensive research websites that review the details of meta-analysis and we report them below. In addition, some of our results and our own techniques of meta-analysis are discussed here.

Meta-Analytic Links

Methods of Accumulating Results Across Research

Michael Brannick's Meta-Analysis Stuff

How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis

Meta-Analysis Links

David Wilson's Meta-Analysis Stuff


There are a few meta-analyses that are being conducted and that have already been completed. Here are copies of some of the publications

Personality of Nations - Download

This is an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes the personality of nations used in the following study:

Steel, P., & Ones, D. (2002). Personality and Happiness: A National Level of Analysis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83(3), 767-781.

The Nature of Procrastination (Full Version) - Download

This is the latest version of the meta-analysis that was reported in the August 5th, 2003 conference Counseling the Procrastinator in Academic Settings. It is perpetually under review at one journal or another.

Meta Analytic Programs

Meta-Analysis Mark X - Download

This runs in Microsoft Excel and incorporates many of the latest insights into meta-analysis (e.g., (K-1)/K adjustment, the IHVI - Bayesian Estimation - technique). The code is open and you are free to make any updates to it. The idea behind open-code programs is that we all share our experience and we create a free platform that is superior to those commercially available. Since this will always be a work in progress, it is distributed "as is," recognizing that there is always the possibility of software bugs. There are no identified problems with the present version.

Meta-Analytic Coding Software - Download

EndNote Meta-Analytic Output Style - Download

This is free software for coding studies directly into a flat file. It also runs in Microsoft Excel. It has a variety of built-in error checkers and cuts down coding time by as much as 75%.  It is based on coding a correlation-based meta-analysis, which limits its use for treatment or experimental-based analyses. If you make of use of this and update it, please forward a copy of your revised version.

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