W. C. Rottenfusser - Visual Artist, Figurative Painter

Wanda Rottenfusser is a Canadian visual artist whose interest lies in exploring the human condition. The artworks are arranged by series with 1-11 being part of a larger series called The Blueridge Myths: a hero's journey.
New paintings

1. Halcyon Days series

2. Rebel Just Because series

3. Voyage of Discovery series

4. Because I Care series

5. Citizens of the World series

6. Ship of Fools series

7. Lives of Quiet Desperation series

8. Lost & Found series

9. Strange People Queer Notions series

10. Age of Diminished Expectations series

11. Place of No Regrets series

Way of Life Remembered series

Wildlife series

Beach series



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Wanda Rottenfusser, Visual Artist
Blueridge Studio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tel: (403) 241-5450 Email: Click here!