Papers on Economics of Energy & Resource Markets

This is a listing of my papers on energy and natural resources.
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  38. W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.  "Shale oil boom and the profitability of U.S. petroleum refiners."  OPEC Energy Review, 40(4):337--353, December 2016.
  39. W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.. "Pipeline capacity rationing and crude oil price differentials: The case of western Canada."  The Energy Journal, 41(1): forthcoming January 2020..
  40. W. D. Walls and A. During.  "Presidential amnesty and Nigerian oil production: A disaggregate econometric analysis."  OPEC Energy Review, forthcoming.  
  41. W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.  "Environmental regulation and safety outcomes: Evidence from Canadian energy pipelines."  Working paper, July 2019.
  42. W. D. Walls and X. Zheng.  "Fracking and structural shifts in oil supply."  Working paper, revised August 2019.
  43. W. D. Walls and L. Yuan.  "Pipeline interconnection and tariff competition ."  In progress.

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