Papers on Gambling

This is a listing of my papers on gambling.
  1. K. Busche and W. D. Walls.  "Betting volume and market efficiency in Hong Kong race track betting."  Applied Economics Letters, 1996.
  2. K. Busche and W. D. Walls.  "Probability and utility estimates for Asian horse track gamblers."  Singapore Economic Review, 1999.
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  4. K. Busche and W. D. Walls.  "Breakage and betting market efficiency: Evidence from the horse track."  Applied Economics Letters, 2001.
  5. B. Adams, F. Rusco, and W. D. Walls.  "Professional bettors, odds-arbitrage competition, and betting market equilibrium."  Singapore Economic Review, 2002.
  6. K. Busche and W. D. Walls.  "Broken odds and the favourite-longshot bias in parimutuel betting: A direct test."  Applied Economics Letters, 2003.
  7. P. Harvey and W. D. Walls.  "Laboratory economics as a research tool in the study of gambling markets."  In G. Coman, editor, Proceedings of the 13th Annual National Association of Gambling Studies Conference, Canberra, 2003.
  8. K. Busche and W. D. Walls.  "Breakage, turnover, and betting market efficiency: New evidence from Japanese horse tracks."  In L. Vaughan-Williams, editor, The Economics of Gambling, Routledge, 2003.
  9. K. Busche and W. D. Walls.  "The behavior of Alberta Gamblers."  Gambling Research, 2004.
  10. P. Harvey, W. D. Walls and J. Swayze.  "The revealed revenue effects of gambling taxation: Logit analysis of betting behavior in a laboratory casino."  International Journal of Management, 2004.
  11. W. D. Walls and P. Harvey.  "Modeling gambling demand in a laboratory casino: Discovering the importance of individual-specific effects."  In L. Vaughan-Williams, Information Efficiency in Betting and Financial Markets, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
  12. W. D. Walls and P. Harvey.  "Analysis of skewness preference for horse track gamblers in Hong Kong and Japan."  Working paper, 2018.

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