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Sept 2002  Radio-interview on Research directions in brain stimulation therapy, CBC Calgary Morning Show, The Eye Opener

Summer 2003   AHFMR Research News: “Restoring movement after injury - deep brain stimulation

May 2004 Media interviews (television, radio and newsprint): Treating Parkinson’s, exceptional team gives hope to Calgary man, Parts 2-3 mms://'s.wmv

2004 Television-interview, Global, “Body & Health”
mms://'s (long).wmv

Nov 2004  Canadian Living magazine, “Treating Parkinson's with a pacemaker for the brain” MiracleMachine.pdf

Jun 2005 Reader’s Digest, “Mike gets his life back: A new surgical procedure and a brain ‘pacemaker’ are giving Parkinson’s victims another chance”

Winter 2007  AHFMR Research News, Responding to the Reader: “A reader asks about new research on essential tremor and how it affects the brain. Dr. Zelma Kiss responds.” ResearchNewsWinter2007.pdf

Summer 2009 AHFMR Research News, Neural Prostheses

July 2004 Society for Neuroscience’s Brain Briefings on Brain Stimulation and Parkinson’s

2004 Business Week cover on implantable devices

2005 National Academies Keck Futures Initiative selected theme of Smart
Prosthetics: Exploring Assistive Devices for the Body and Mind

2006 American Academy for the Advancement of Science Symposium on Smart
Prosthetics :Interfaces to the Nervous System Help Restore Independence

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